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Sohee (소희; also known by her full name) is a South Korean singer under n.CH Entertainment. She is a member of the girl group NATURE and a former member of the project girl groups I.B.I, C.I.V.A and Girls Next Door. She made her solo debut on November 7, 2017 with the mini album The Fillette. Sohee, if you’re as active as you indicate you’re going to need to eat girl– 2500-3000 kcals is about right initially with a slow, gradual decrease each week to lean out. You’re going to need to eat BIG to accommodate the regular compound training if you want to maintain muscle mass. Good luck to you! Sohee is a talented consultant and someone I would highly recommend. Her approach is both engaging and flexible and she is able to partner with you to come up with solutions that fit the need. Sohee was instrumental in our culture assessment and worked with our executive leadership team to help us move forward strategically. He becomes a fraud partner with Kim Wook and he solves cases. Lee Jong-A is Kim Wook’s supporter. She is a white hat hacker out to gain social justice. She works as a law-ranking public officer at a community center as her day job. Shin Joon-Ho is an elite detective. One month prior to his ... Home About Sell with us Listings Video & 3D Testimonials Contact About Sell with us Listings Video & 3D Testimonials Contact meet Sohee, Magi life coach. ... Whether you're in a relationship or you are ready to find a partner, the first step to creating harmony in your life is to understand yourself and how you relate to others. family. Healing begins by letting go of the past and making peace. Are you ready to forgive? SEOUL, September 22, 2020 – Netflix, the world’s leading streaming entertainment service, confirmed casting for its new action noir series Undercover (working title). The outstanding team of ... 세계 최대 비즈니스 인맥 사이트 LinkedIn에서 Sohee Nam 님의 프로필을 확인하세요. Sohee 님의 프로필에 2 경력이 있습니다. LinkedIn에서 프로필을 보고 Sohee 님의 1촌과 경력을 확인하세요. Listen to The Best Life Podcast episodes free, on demand. Sohee Lee is a master of mindset and moderation. She mixes fitness knowledge with her advanced degree in psychology to help her clients change the way they look by changing the way they think. But Sohee isn’t just a fitness guru; she’s a woman who has been subject to infidelity and emotional abuse. Through radical vulnerability and ... Sohee's new drama titled 'Missing: The Other Side' has aired its pilot episode last August 29! ... He becomes a fraud partner with Kim Wook and he solves cases. Lee Jong-A (Ahn So-Hee) is Kim Wook's supporter. She is a white hat hacker out to gain social justice. She works as a law-ranking public officer at a community center as her day job.

K-Pop Monthly Makestar Roundup [Projects + Fansign Events] - August 2020 (feat. D.COY, KISU, AB6IX, Rocket Punch, and Weekly)

2020.07.30 01:27 af-fx-tion K-Pop Monthly Makestar Roundup [Projects + Fansign Events] - August 2020 (feat. D.COY, KISU, AB6IX, Rocket Punch, and Weekly)

Hey all! Happy summer. Hope y'all are staying safe and doing well.
Let's dive right into August's projects!
Currently Active Projects: (in order based on project end date - given in KST)
Crowdfunding Projects
D.COY Comeback Support Project
Who is D.COY?
D.COY is a five member boy band signed to RollingCultureOne.
They debuted in February 2020 with the single album Color Magic and accompanying title track "Color Magic", and in conjunction with this Makestar, released their followup comeback song "Go Away".
Kind of a cool thing, but all the members' stage names are gems (Ruby, Onyx, Amethyst, Sapphire, and Moonstone).

[Digimon x Raon] Official collaboration OST album release
Who is Raon?
Raon is a Korean YouTuber who runs a very popular music channel (her channel currently has 3.7 million subscribers) where she uploads her covers, which included Japanese anime OP/ED and K-Pop songs.
According to her Makestar, her MCN Sandbox Network was contacted by Toei Animation's Music Division after seeing her cover of the KR version of "Butterfly" (the Digimon Adventures OP) in order to participate in their upcoming anniversary celebration project.
For this project, she has partnered with Toei to celebrate Digimon's 20th anniversary in Korea. This project is for a cover album (of six songs) where Rion will interpret various songs from the Digimon franchise, including "Butterfly" and "Brave Heart" from Digimon Adventures (which she previously covered on her channel), along with songs from Power Digimon, Digimon Tamers and Digimon Frontier.

Choushinsei Flashman DVD Repackaged Edition
What is Choushinsei Flashman?
Choushinsei Flashman, also known as Supernova Flashman, is the 10th series in the Japanese Super Sentai series produced by Toei Company and Bandai. For a more popular reference, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Season 1) is the 16th entry in the Super Sentai series.
In any case, this project is for a DVD release of Korean dubbed version of Supernova Flashman.
You can read more about the series by checking out their wikipedia page here.

KISU Global Comeback Project
Who is KISU?
Kisu is a male soloist signed to Beyond Entertainment.
Kisu is also known as Soo, and is a former member of 24K. As part of 24K, Kisu debuted in June 2012 as part of the subunit 4K, with the song "Rocking Girl." He promoted with the group until 2019, at the expiration of his contract. His last comeback with the group was 2017's "Only You", as he enlisted prior to the group's followup comeback Bonnie N' Clyde.
Under Choeun, he debuted as soloist in December 2017 with the album Sweet Lies, along with the title track of the same name. His most recent comeback as a soloist was with the song "Goodbye", which was also his last release under Choeun.
This project is for his upcoming comeback.

Writer of the , Park So Hee 20th anniversary Project
Who is Park Sohee?
Park Sohee is a author who is known for writing the Palace manhwa series, which was published from 2002 to 2012.
This project is to support the 20th anniversary of the Sohee's debut as a writer.
Since Palace seems to be her most popular series, she decided to create goodies from the series to support the project.
Palace's premise is as follows:
Set in an alternate world where the Korean monarchy still exists, Chae-kyung Shin is an ordinary strong-willed girl who attends the same high school as Shin Lee, the crown prince of Korea. After accidentally witnessing Shin proposing to his girlfriend Hyo-rin and being rejected, Chae-kyung unexpectedly learns that she will marry Shin and become Crown Princess of Korea. Due to a promise between the former king of Korea and her grandfather, Chae-kyung has been betrothed to the seemingly cold-hearted prince of Korea. Meanwhile, Shin's cousin Yul unexpectedly returns from England with his mother, the wife of the king's deceased older brother - both with their own plans to take what they believe rightfully belong to Yul: the position of the crown prince and Chae-kyung, the girl who was intended to be the wife of the crown prince.
The series was published in North America by Yes Press, and was adapted into a drama in 2006 under the name Princess Hours starring Yoon Eunhye, Ju Jihoon, Kim Jeonghoon and Song Jihyo.

ARGON NEW Album Project
Who is Argon?
Argon is an boy group signed to MSH Entertainment.
According to their Makestar, Argon is short fro Art Go On. They expand on the concept by stating: "Argon means art [that] continues. It's not set in one color, like Argon, a chemical element, colorless and odorless. It means that we can capture and express different colors. By this name, Argon is not limited to one color, will be a team that can absorb the different type of genres."
Argon previously ran a successful Makestar for their debut, and eventually released their debut song "Master Key" in March 2019. They would later successfully hold a second Makestar for their comeback album, Go Forward: Wide Open and the accompanying title track "Give Me Dat" - which is their most recent comeback.
This project is for their upcoming comeback.
Some interesting bits of information about the group were:
BADKIZ Comeback Support Project
Who is BADKIZ?
BADKIZ (formerly Hot Place) is a four member girl group signed to US Entertainment. The group debuted with five members in March 2014 with "Ear Attack". Since then, the group has had a revolving door of member changes, with 18 former members as of 2020. Funnily enough, no one from the original lineup is in the group anymore (as the final original member Monika left the group in 2018).
From 2019-2020, the group promoted until the name of Hot Place, hosting one unsuccessful Makestar and releasing the song "TMI".
In March 2020, two members Taeri and Sihyeon, left the group, and were replaced by Rozi & Semi in May 2020. The group also officially reverted to their original name of BADKIZ in May 2020 as well. Also, Somin has changed her stage name to Eunyu while Hanbit's stage name is now Seoeun.
This project is for the group's upcoming comeback with their new lineup.
As BADKIZ, the group has previously run two successful Makestar projects, earning 126.9% and 115.9%, respectively.
You can check out their various SNS pages by clicking here.
Fansign Events
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2020.07.23 18:52 jasminumpolyanthum What do you do to be creative with exercises at home? What gym exercises do you miss?

I'm thinking of subscribing to Lift with Sohee, because I heard she has a good home program that she sends out every month. I only have single dumbbells (not sure how that happened?), bands, and a chair. I've been doing reverse hypers by leaning over the edge of the chair and really pushing my feet into the floor! Awkward positioning but it kinda works? My hamstrings are not strong. I've really been missing having a gym partner, since I live alone...I want to be able to do a Nordic Ham curl but can’t really practice that by yourself.
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2019.12.15 00:23 NinjaSnadger360 The Wicked Plan to Slaughter the Gods Dragon Ball Fanfic PLOT OUTLNE

I'm thinking of turning this into a fan comic but I can't draw YET (i'm practicing really hard) so for now I'll just leave the plot outline here...
The Wicked Plan to Slaughter the Gods – The Z-Warriors Split Up!
Bergamo is the last member of the Trio de Danger, barely holding onto life in battle against two strange siblings -- Medea and Kuras. Even when attempting to absorb attacks from the latter sibling, Bergamo is completely overwhelmed and fears there's little hope for survival. Medea commands her brother to "hurry up and finish the weakling", so Kuras unleashes a powerful ki wave composed of flames as the fox’s life flashes before his eyes. The last words Bergamo hears is “in this multiverse… you are truly fodder.”
Goku and Vegeta spar in a faraway wasteland in Universe 7. The former receives an urgent telepathic message from the Supreme Kai and performs instant transmission to the divine planet. However, they find the planet completely empty, deciding to raise their suspicion with Whis and Beerus. They notice that Piccolo has been training with the angel for a while to eventually surpass the saiyans and achieve god ki – facilitated by Kami’s divine status and dormant ability to sense god ki. Goku theorizes that the East Supreme Kai isn’t dead because his life-link with Beerus would cause the destroyer to perish as well, but Beerus starts to sweat and there might be something he’s hiding…
Meanwhile, Kuras boasts about his victories, but Medea explains that their job on Universe 7 isn’t done yet -- she just received a call from their “partner” with information on the “others.”
Mr. Satan competes in another World Martial Arts tournament, and his final opponent is strategically Majin Buu. However, Medea arrives before the battle can finish and assaults Majin Buu with a considerable battle power. Videl and Gohan watch from the audience, wondering if this all a part of Satan’s script; but Gohan finds it suspicious that he can’t read the intruder’s power level. Hercule tries to save Majin Buu but is forcefully knocked unconscious by his daughter. Gohan challenges Medea, revealing that he hasn’t slacked on his training with Piccolo. Medea delightfully accepts the challenge.
Medea and Gohan trade blows, with the latter visibly shocked from his opponent’s strength. Gohan taps into his full potential and the combatants fight to a stalemate, so Medea angrily vows to destroy the entire island with her next attack. Videl rushes to protect her father, but Mr. Satan persuades her to leave him and save Majin Buu instead. Gohan flies away with Videl and Buu, saying farewell to his father-in-law with teary eyes. A pink ki explosion decimates the arena, turning it into a desolate wasteland…
Medea and Kuras take camp in a remote rainforest, suppressing their ki to disguise themselves. They are refugees from Universe 1, the last remaining survivors of a planet destroyed by the God of Destruction Gin. They are travelling throughout the twelve universe from the lowest to highest mortal level, slaughtering the kais to indirectly kill the unjust Gods of Destruction.
Meanwhile, Gohan and Videl take Majin Buu to Monster Island, convincing Android 17 to help bodyguard him. Videl is eager to pursue her father’s killer, but Gohan insists she stays put and let him handle it.
Goku and Vegeta visit the former’s residence at Mount Paozu, spotting Chi-Chi and the Ox King babysitting Pan, Goten, and Trunks. On the news, an anchor reports the decimation of Papaya Island and the untimely death of Mr. Satan. Instantly shocked, the saiyans fly around the planet in search for any powerful ki signatures that seem unfamiliar, but they can’t find anything suspicious. Gohan coincidentally meets up with Goku and Vegeta and, after discussing recent events with them, concludes that the South and Great Supreme Kai within Majin Buu may still technically count as alive and Beerus can’t die unless all of the Kaioshin perish, and a plan to eradicate the kais might be in full swing. Gohan agrees to continue pursuing the siblings while Goku and Vegeta warns the Galactic Patrol.
Gohan, suspecting his targets of suppressing their ki, takes a trip to Bulma's house. They combine their genius brains to build a device able to track Medea -- using a piece of clothing torn from the confrontation at Papaya Island as a DNA sample. Meanwhile, fearing Majin Buu will become enraged at the sight of Medea and endanger himself, Videl manages to put him to sleep – knowing that not even an earthquake could wake him up. Android 17 and Videl bond over their pasts as tough rebels and how much they’ve changed since starting a family.
Goku and Vegeta travel to Korin’s tower to retrieve senzu beans just-in-case and use a galactic receiver given to them during their conflict with Moro to summon Jaco. They board Jaco’s spaceship and inform him of the threat to the kai, so Jaco agrees to take them to the galactic patrol headquarters. Meanwhile, Gohan successfully tracks Medea and Kuras and eavesdrops on their conversations, learning that they've already murdered the kais of universe 9.

Struggle on Monster Island - Journey to the Galactic Patrol!
Medea and Kuras arrive at Monster Island, with the latter winning a rock-paper-scissors game to fight Android 17 first. The cyborg is initially overwhelmed by Kuras, deciding to “play the long game” and exploit his infinite stamina to tire his opponent out. Medea becomes impatient with her brother, opting to finish the battle with a gigantic pink ki sphere, but her attack fails when Son Gohan unexpectedly arrives to the island and kicks Medea in the face. As the intense battle between Android 17 and Kuras rages on, Medea’s shifts her interest to rematching Gohan and finally killing that “little pest”. Videl flies away with the sleeping Majin Buu on her back, sensing an incredible ki from both Medea and Kuras that may cause Gohan a great deal of trouble…
Gohan fights virtually on par with his opponent, planning to defeat Medea once and for all with a fully charged Kamehameha, but is caught off guard when Medea engages him in a beam struggle with the exact same plan. The two ki beams explode, devastating a part of Monster Island, and both opponents are breathless. Almost too exhausted to move, the two combatants sluggishly trade blows until they fall to the ground, ending in another standstill.
Android 17’s fight with Kuras is about even, but the latter gains the advantage slowly throughout the fight when observing the cyborg’s movements and analyzing them to continuously learn how to counter 17’s fighting style. Android 17 doesn’t show any signs of fatigue, but his struggle to keep up with his ever-improving opponent eventually results in his defeat. Just as Kuras is about to finish Android 17 off, Piccolo arrives with surprisingly invisible ki – he has finally mastered god ki. The two stare each other down, with Kuras trying to hide his fear from being unable to predict Piccolo’s power…
Piccolo takes over the fight with Kuras, slightly managing the upper hand, but Kuras takes the advantage by striking the namekian’s vitals throughout the battle to cause severe internal damage. Backed into a corner, Piccolo tries to take a gamble, restraining his opponent with his new Slug Containment Seal to buy enough time to fully charge a Makankousappou. However, his timing is off and Kuras escapes with enough time to evade the beam and counterattack with a powerful kick to Piccolo’s skull, knocking the namekian unconscious. He doesn’t even bother to finish Piccolo off, flying away with his sister and not even deeming the Z-Fighters a threat anymore.
After the confrontation at Monster Island, the injured fighters travel to Chi-Chi's residence at Mount Paozu to recover their stamina. Kuririn and Android 18 visit, agreeing to help take down the kai-butchers. Meanwhile, aboard Jaco's spaceship, Goku complains that he'd probably make it to the galactic patrol headquarters faster by flying, but Vegeta reminds him that saiyans can only survive in the vacuum of space for a limited time. Goku sighs, still impatient, even though the spaceship had only been flying for a total of ten minutes. While flying away from Monster Island with the sleeping Majin Buu on her back, Videl incidentally encounters Jaco's spaceship and decides to join them upon learning of their journey to the galactic patrol headquarters. Jaco theorizes that Kuras and Medea can sense Majin Buu's ki even while he sleeps, and Videl thinks that the siblings somehow had previous knowledge of Buu's absorption of the South and Grand Supreme Kais even though they're both from completely different universes.
The passengers of Jaco's spaceship finally arrive to the galactic patrol headquarters only to find the entire place littered with corpses -- even the Galactic King had been slain. Jaco thinks that Medea and Kuras must've done it, and that's how they learned about Buu's absorption of the kais, but Goku doubts that the siblings' had time to venture to the galactic patrol headquarters as they never seemed to leave earth according to Videl's account of their arrival to monster island. Vegeta compliments Goku's intelligence, something that even catches Goku off guard. The saiyan prince is far different than when he first arrived on Earth, and Goku even notices that Vegeta’s hair is starting to fade and turn grey. Goku jokes about it, instantly pissing Vegeta off.
Meanwhile, Kuras and Medea are revealed to be partnered with the intergalactic space criminal Tarragon and his three henchmen who were paid to slaughter the galactic patrol and gather information on Majin Buu. Tarragon mentions that the super dragon balls might have the power to revive the supreme kais, so the siblings become determined to find these “magical orbs” during their journey across the multiverse. Suddenly, after sensing that Majin Buu and two other impressive fighters are nearby, Kuras offers to pay a little extra for "a few more jobs", something that Tarragon and his crew gladly accepts.

The Battle of West City - We Love You, Piccolo!
Tarragon and his crew hijack Jaco's spaceship on Kuras' orders. Videl, Jaco, and Majin Buu manage to escape through an escape pod directed towards earth. Vegeta and Goku, in their Super Saiyan 2 and 3 forms respectively, struggle to battle Tarragon and his three henchman -- the expert tactician Parsley, the brawler Marjoram, and the zoner Saffron. The saiyans are kidnapped and taken to the criminals' spaceship, leaving Jaco's ship stranded in space.
Videl, Jaco, and Majin Buu visit Mount Paozu, warning the others about Tarragon and his crew. Bulma comes up with a genius idea to extract the South Supreme Kai from inside of Buu, but Piccolo wonders if this would drastically change the majin's personality. However, Gohan convinces them that the gamble is worth a shot and volunteers to do the job himself. He raises a spoonful of sugar to Buu's nose, causing the majin to instinctively suck Gohan and the sugar into his stomach. Although he's already been inside Majin Buu's stomach before, he is still grossed out by his surroundings and decides to finish the task as fast as possible. He finds the South Supreme Kai, yanks him out, and the two are flushed out of Buu's stomach after he vomits. Meanwhile, Goku and Vegeta are incarcerated on Tarragon's spaceship, restrained with a ki-limiting collar to prevent their escape. Unable to turn Super Saiyan, they mock their kidnappers -- causing Medea to become annoyed and knock them both out with a single punch. With a wicked smile sprawled across her face, she orders Tarragon and his crew to bring her Majin Buu alive...
Tarragon and his crew arrive in West City, but the Z-Fighters are already prepared for battle against the space pirate and his henchman meanwhile Videl and Jaco guard Majin Buu faraway in East City, and Goten, Trunks, Bulma, Chi-Chi, and the Ox King guard the South Supreme Kai at Capsule Corporation.
During the Battle of West City, Android 18 and Kuririn are matched up against Marjoram, a brawler tank capable of casually destroying entire mountains with his punches and manipulating the density of his skin to become nearly impenetrable, though his immense strength is at the cost of speed. Marjoram’s power is overwhelming at first, causing Kuririn to become doubtful of his own abilities and fear that a single punch could kill him instantly. However, Marjoram’s lack of speed becomes apparent, and Android 18 manages to restore Kuririn’s confidence. The couple exploits their superior speed, using their strongest attacks to cause Marjoram’s incredibly dense skin to crack. Android 18 buys enough time for Krillin to fire a kienzan, knowing that this final technique will shatter Marjoram’s defenses, but the space criminal uses his trump card: his Maximum Power transformation that boosts both his power and speed considerably. With this transformation he is able to dodge the kienzan, becoming so fast that neither Android 18 or Kuririn could see him, and boasts that a fully powered punch could destroy the entire solar system and them some more (though it would take too long to charge, being impractical unless absolutely necessary).
Marjoram sadistically toys with his opponents, knowing that he could kill them anytime he wants to. However, Kuririn becomes utterly enraged when Android 18 is savagely beaten down, unleashing his hidden power that cements him as the strongest earthling by far -- hell, he even thinks that he would’ve defeated Frieza back on Namek with this much power! Even with this insane power boost, he still isn’t anywhere near a match for Marjoram’s full power, but his teamwork with Android 18 proves successful: as a team, they are many times stronger than the sum of their parts. As Kuririn fires an intense Super Kamehameha, and Android 18 fires a fully charged Power Blitz, the two ki waves merge and penetrate through Marjoram’s stomach, killing the henchman immediately with no time for final words…
Android 17 is matched up with Saffron, a zoner that specializes in controlling the distance between him and his opponent, exploiting his ability to manipulate his body tissues to attack his opponents from long range – usually with bone projectiles and stretchy limbs. Although Saffron prefers to fight at a distance, he is still skillful in close-range combat and always manages to pressure his opponent. After a series of battle exchanges, Android 17 finds himself struggling to get close to his opponent, but his infinite stamina allows him to dodge all incoming attacks with any signs of fatigue. Inspired by his earlier fight Kuras, Android 17 analyzes all of his opponent's movements and inputs the data into his databanks, completely figuring out Saffron's distance-controlling techniques in a matter of minutes and learning how to counter it. On the verge of defeat, Saffron taps into his Maximum Power transformation, noting that this state completely overcomes his flaws, and reveals his true form -- a grotesque demon with four arms. Android 17 smiles, complimenting his opponent’s strength, and reveals that he hasn’t been going all out yet…
Even after Saffron's insane power boost, Android 17's combat skill is vastly superior than his opponent's, allowing him to easily dodge incoming attacks from all four of the space criminal's arms and counterattack effectively. The tides turn, however, when Saffron reveals the ability to absorb the damage he endures into his projectiles, making them cataclysmically explosive. Android 17 quickly realizes that this Maximum Power transformation heavily drains stamina, deciding to exploit this flaw by waiting until Saffron tires out before assaulting him with a barrage of deadly attacks that ultimately cripple the space criminal. With only half of his body intact, Saffron resolves to self-destruct with an explosion that could destroy the entire solar system. Android 17 constructs an android barrier around him and his opponent to contain the explosion as much as possible, barely surviving and with heavy injuries.
Gohan is matched up with Parsley, an expert tactician that specializes in mind-related techniques such as telepathy, and mind-control. Despite being the weakest on the team physically, her abilities allow her to overpower opponents that are way stronger than her; therefore, she was chosen as Tarragon’s second-in-command. Parsley tries to play mind games on Gohan by forcing him to relive all of his painful memories through psychosomatic illusions, including his failure to protect Mr. Satan. The illusion develops into a psychedelic fight scene between Parsley and Gohan where the former has absolute control over their surroundings. Gohan is simply defeated, unable to do anything as he crumbles under the weight of being weak… yet he refuses to accept defeat and stands up stronger than ever.
At his lowest point, Gohan figures out the secret to Parsley’s illusionary techniques -- the space criminal controls the ki flow in her target’s cerebral nervous system, thereby affecting the five senses. Since he lacks god ki which he suspects could automatically render the technique useless, Gohan becomes inspired by his father’s Ultra Instinct technique and decides to close his eyes and fight with his primal instincts rather than his mind. Desperate to win and impress her boss, Parsley activates her Maximum Power transformation, revealing that she constantly grows in strength every second she’s in this form, but it’s no use. Gohan overcomes every obstacle Parsley can throw at him, finishing her off with a kamehameha to the face. Kuririn, Android 18, Android 17, and Gohan celebrate their victories, yet something feels off...
Piccolo is matched up with Tarragon, the leader of the space pirates with a terrifyingly demonic ki. Unlike the previous villains the Z-Fighters had to face, Tarragon isn’t too arrogant -- he’s a little cocky, but he’s also strategic and calculated, sohe would never let his ego become a burden. Piccolo makes the mistake of underestimating his opponent's power level and is knocked down easily at first, much to the nanekian's surprise. The battle becomes serious as the two give it their all and are evenly matched in power. Piccolo gains a slight advantage with his refined techniques, especially image projection which Tarragon compares with Parsley's techniques. Refusing to fail his mission, Tarragon only says "I hope you know this isn't personal" before tapping into his Maximum Power transformation, instantly turning the tables.
Piccolo is disturbed by his opponent's power, even claiming that he could be a serious threat to Goku. After seeing how much stronger Tarragon is now, Piccolo seemingly loses all hope of defeating the space pirate until hearing encouragement from Kami inside him, convincing him to keep going. The two combatants engage in a ki beam struggle, with Piccolo at the ultimate disadvantage, but the other four Z-Warriors on the battlefield lend him enough ki and power to win the struggle and obliterate Tarragon. Piccolo passes out from exhaustion and ki loss, falling back into Gohan's arms and saying his final farewell before tragically passing away… Meanwhile, on Tarragon's spaceship, Kuras and Medea sense that the space pirate's ki has faded, finally deciding to do the job themselves.

A Dream of Multiversal Justice - The Greatest Showdown of All Time to Decide the Fate of the Universe!
Despite their lack of experience, the siblings pilot the spaceship to earth and land near Capsule Corp, where they sense the South Supreme Kai's ki signature. Goku and Vegeta fear for their lives as the bumpy ride ends in a crash landing that nearly destroys the spaceship. The siblings encounter the battle-ready Gohan, Android 18, Android 17, and Kuririn -- all of them willing to avenge the death of Piccolo. Kuras finally decides to reveal his full power, the Awakened State, which multiplies his original power level three-fold. In this pseudo-transformation, Kuras’ hair stands on end and his muscle size increases drastically. He defeats the Z-Warriors without a sweat, turning to the South Supreme Kai and killing him with a punch through the chest. Medea stomps on Gohan's face, calling his plan to separate the remaining supreme kais "disappointing and unimpressive." The siblings return to their spaceship, marking East City as their next location after sensing the Grand Supreme Kai's ki signature there...
After arriving on the outskirts of East City, the siblings recognize Jaco and Videl from their previous encounters, instantly going on the offensive and beating them both to a bloody pulp. Meanwhile, After waking up from their blackout, Goku and Vegeta think of a strategy to escape their incarceration. Goku theorizes that utilizing god ki instead of regular ki would render the ki-limiting collars ineffective, and Vegeta is impressed with this sudden realization. They both tap into their Super Saiyan God transformations and the plan is a success. The saiyans bravely confront their kidnappers. Kuras volunteers to deal with them while Medea pursues Majin Buu.
Sensing great potential within his saiyan opponents, Kuras immediately transforms into his Awakened State. Vegeta requests to fight alongside Goku instead of taking turns, something that even throws Goku off. Goku asks Kuras how he acquired so much power, so Kuras explains that him and his sister were forced to learn how to fight in order to survive on their home planet where martial arts decided their fates and murder was a sport. Goku -- not having many memories of his own homeworld -- ironically says that a planet with that much violence deserved to be erased, angering Kuras who rants about the many families who stuck together throughout the violence with hope for a brighter future. The saiyan prince tells his rival to not underestimate their opponent, transforming into a Super Saiyan Blue right off the bat. Despite his significant power-up and cat-like reflexes, Kuras is incapable of handling both his opponents simultaneously. However, the injuries he sustains are temporary as this transformation allows his body an accelerated healing factor, similar to namekians. Every time he’s beaten down, Kuras rises back up with a maniacal laugh, boasting that his fighting style will eventually cripple the saiyans...
Upon seeing Medea, Buu remembers her as Hercule’s murderer and becomes enraged. Medea is quick to face Buu in battle, easily dominating despite the majin’s best efforts. Buu manages to put up a valiant effort, but he’s simply no match for his opponent and he finds himself on the brink of death in a matter of minutes. Medea laughs maniacally at her so-called triumph. She chants “I’m going to send you to the same place I sent your little friend”, killing the majin with a two-handed, pink ki wave. Finally, she thinks to herself, I’m one step closer to my dream of multiversal justice.
Goku and Vegeta, sensing that Majin Buu’s ki disappeared, refuse to accept their failures. Suddenly, Videl manages to stand up and eats a senzu bean, fully restoring her physical health. Telling himself that he’d be a mockery of a galactic patrolman if he didn’t do so, Jaco follows in her footsteps. Frustrated by the earthlings’ refusal to give up, Medea charges a gigantic, pink ki sphere in efforts to destroy the entire planet. Surprisingly, Kuras betrays Medea in the pursuit of justice, claiming that she’s become a ruthless monster like the deities they swore to eradicate. After a brief scuffle, he completely absorbs his sister’s ki, killing her in the process. However, on top of his incredible increase in power, Kuras develops some of his sister’s personality traits, becoming more sadistic and brutal as a result. He proclaims this as his Final Form, confident that he could defeat anyone who tries to stand in his way.
Goku and Vegeta eat the last two remaining senzu beans, hoping for a fair rematch. Kuras effortlessly throws around his saiyan opponents with merciless killing intent. Finding himself crippled as a result of Kuras' fighting style, Vegeta attempts a desperate Final Flash in hopes this will be enough to succeed. This fails, however, as Kuras simply swallows the energy blast whole. He pummells the saiyans for the thrill of it, taking out his pent-up aggression on the powerless dynamic duo. Believing them both to be dead, Kuras considers his job in Universe 7 complete and smiles at his triumph. Elsewhere, on Whis' planet, Beerus remarks that he "feels a little sick", falling into an eternal slumber that he'll never wake up from. The fighters at capsule corporation instantly feel Buu's ki fade, horrified and unable to do anything but accept defeat. Kuras ventures to Universe 6, leaving the seventh in a state of utter despair...

Upvote this for a Part 2. This story is far from over...
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2019.11.14 15:58 MariaJanee__ I 22F don't know what to do about these guys both 23M I'm seeing.

I was talking to a man named Julio and I liked him but he was always so busy and didn't have time for me. and he made me feel insecure about my disfigurement, but he said he didnt mean it like that but still. anyway, he's so busy so he tells me we can skype more and he'll start inviting me out with his friends so we can hangout more. 2 weeks go by since this promise and i haven't heard from him. then i see him at a party on Instagram and decided i need to move on. i cried and cut my ties with him.
then I met Sebastian.
we started off rocky but i felt we had a connection and two great weeks go by we're all lovey dovey. he gives me his time, affection, and attention, things Julio couldnt give me. on top of that Over the last week i thought i felt such a strong connection i should lower some of my walls and i started to be vulnerable with him and i told him about my biggest insecurities and unlike Julio his reaction didn't make me feel insecure.

last night things changed

. Sebastian has told me in the begining because things started off on the wrong foot he was just going to sleep with me while i thought i had a boyfriend. sohe told me he was going to use me.
then he told me the night i blacked out (because he got me sicka nd i took a dayquil before drinking) he was going to ask me to be his official girlfriend. but that was a week ago.
Idk if he really knows just how bad i've wanted a relationship. but if anyone out there watches 90 day fiance i felt like Darcy when Tom told her that had they gone to grand caneria he would have proposed..
I feel like he dangled what i value most and what i want most in front of me.
He told me last night that he didn't want to fall in love not just with me but in general he just wants to date as a learning experience.
I understand that, I really do. I thought the same thing, at least if nothing else comes from this it'll be a learning experience as this would have been my first real relationship.
but, i also wanted the possibility of endless possibilities. you know? I dont want to go into a relationship knowing that my partner isnt open to something more growing.

When things were going well with Sebastan Julio tried to apologize an d tell me he got a better job and now he has time and how sorry he is for how he made me feel.

I cried myself to sleep last night and this morning i texted Julio ( had not responded to his texts when i was with sebastian) and i apologized I asked Julio if he ever thought he could love he said yes. and apologized more to me. he told me that i mean a lot to him. I told him what i just told yall and that i need time to think and he said okay and that he missed me and wanted me to be happy even if it isn't with him.
I feel an undeniable connection with Sebastian. After i made my peace with Julio, i had the opportunity to essentially be a sugar baby with a decently attractive guy but I chose Sebastian. who has very little money because i feel something i cannot describe with him. I've only felt this way about a handful of other people but with others the feelings fade once the novelty wears off after two weeks. Sebastian thinks that we are just infactuated with each other. but trust me. I have been infactuated with enough guys to know that I'm not infactuated with him.
I dont know what to do... Sebastian will be fine if thihs doesnt work out but I dont want to hurt Julio.

I really want Sebastian. but i want all the possibilities on the table. you know? he said he didnt want to fall in love but idk if that means that if it happens it happens or if he's really serious that under no circumstances
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2019.05.10 07:21 catstache678 Where Are They Now - Produce 48 - 1-year update

One year ago today, the debut performance of Nekkoya aired on M Countdown. And thus, Produce 48 began. It's been a full year since, and a busy year for many of its participants. If there are any updates I missed, let me know! I'll continue to update the OP as needed.
Rank Participant Company/Group Status
1 Jang Wonyoung Starship Debuted with IZ*ONE, member until April 2021
2 Miyawaki Sakura HKT48 Debuted with IZ*ONE, member until April 2021
3 Jo Yuri Stone Music Debuted with IZ*ONE, member until April 2021
4 Choi Yena Yuehua Debuted with IZ*ONE, member until April 2021
5 Ahn Yujin Starship Debuted with IZ*ONE, member until April 2021
6 Yabuki Nako HKT48 Debuted with IZ*ONE, member until April 2021
7 Kwon Eunbi Woollim Ent. Debuted with IZ*ONE, member until April 2021
8 Kang Hyewon 8D Creative Debuted with IZ*ONE, member until April 2021
9 Honda Hitomi AKB48 Debuted with IZ*ONE, member until April 2021
10 Kim Chaewon Woollim Ent. Debuted with IZ*ONE, member until April 2021
11 Kim Minju Urban Works Debuted with IZ*ONE, member until April 2021
12 Lee Chaeyeon WM Entertainment Debuted with IZ*ONE, member until April 2021
13 Han Chowon Cube Entertainment Attends Hanlim Multi-Art High, part of Cube Tree (pre-debut program)
14 Lee Kaeun Pledis Entertainment Stated by former groupmate Lizzy to be re-debuting, possibly Stone-Pledis joint group
15 Miyazaki Miho AKB48 MC for KCON GIRLS at KCON Japan (2019.05.18). Senbatsu on "NO WAY MAN" (2018.11.28)
16 Takahashi Juri AKB48 Graduated from AKB48 on 2019.05.06. Now part of Woollim Rookie.
17 Takeuchi Miyu AKB48 Soloist under Mystic Ent. Graduated from AKB48 as of 2019.05.06.
18 Shitao Miu AKB48 Senbatsu on "Jiwaru DAYS" (2019.03.13)
19 Park Haeyoon FNC Entertainment Debuted with Cherry Bullet on 2019.01.21
20 Shiroma Miru NMB48 Senbatsu on AKB48's "Jiwaru DAYS" (2019.03.13)
21 Kim Nayoung Banana Culture Part of pre-debut group Banana Newkid. No confirmed debut.
22 Murase Sae NMB48 Senbatsu on NMB48's "Tokonoma Seiza Musume" (2019.02.20). Produce48 Senbatsu.
23 Kim Do-ah FENT Member of upcoming group Fanatics. Debuted with Flavor Unit (2018.11.26).
24 Goto Moe AKB48 Part of special Produce48 Senbatsu for NO WAY MAN's B-side "Wakariyasukute Gomen". Center w/ Murase Sae.
25 Jang Gyuri Off the Record (orig. Stone Music) Returned to fromis_9, released From.9 (2018.10.10). Stars in web drama with LOONA's Chuu and KNK's Seokham.
26 Heo Yoonjin Pledis Entertainment Third-year @ Hanlim Arts.
27 Kim Sihyeon Yuehua Debuted with Everglow on 2019.03.18
28 Wang Yiren Yuehua Debuted with Everglow on 2019.03.18
29 Na Goeun RBW Contributed to OST for OCN's "Possessed". Part of YouTube channel 365 Practice with other RBW trainees.
30 Lee Sian Stone Music Assumed to still be under Stone Music, has an inactive Instagram
31 Go Yujin 8D Creative (orig. BlockBerry Creative) Prepping for debut in 1st half of 2019. Graduated from Hanlim.
32 Son Eunchae A Team (orig. Million Market) Part of upcoming group I.S.E. with Kim Choyeon. Active on Instagram.
33 Chiba Erii AKB48 Performing at KCON GIRLS Japan on 05/18. Participant on Mnet's "U-hak Sonyeo". Produce48 Senbatsu.
34 Kojima Mako AKB48 MC for KCON GIRLS at KCON Japan (2019.05.19) Graduated from AKB48. Produce 48 Senbatsu.
35 Yoon Haesol The Music Works Debuted with AQUA on 2018.11.17 under KRAZY Ent.
36 Bae Eunyoung Stone Music Assumed to still be under Stone Music. Has an inactive Instagram, and an active DC Inside forum.
37 Nakanishi Chiyori AKB48 Performing at KCON GIRLS at KCON Japan on 05/18. Produce48 Senbatsu for "Wakariyasukute Gomen" (2018)
38 Muto Tomu AKB48 Produce48 Senbatsu for "Wakariyasukute Gomen" (2018)
39 Sato Minami AKB48 Performing 05/18 at KCON GIRLS at KCON Japan. Kenkyuusei, no formal debut. Produce48 Senbatsu.
40 Iwatate Saho AKB48 Promoted to AKB48 Team B captain, replacing Takahashi Juri (2019.05.02). Produce 48 Senbatsu.
41 Yamada Noe NGT48 Produce 48 Senbatsu for AKB48's "Wakariyasukute Gomen" (2018)
42 Asai Nanami AKB48 Performing at KCON GIRLS at KCON Japan on 05/18. "Generation Change" on Jiwaru DAYS (2019.03.13). Produce48 Senbatsu.
43 Kim Sohee Woollim Ent. Part of pre-debut group Woollim Rookie with Takahashi Juri and Kim Suyun.
44 Kim Minseo HOW Ent. Member of upcoming group First Love. Expected to debut 2nd half of 2019.
45 Murakawa Bibian HKT48 B-sides on "Ishi" (2019.04.10). Produce 48 Senbatsu.
46 Kim Hyunah Collazoo Company Opened a YouTube channel and active on Instagram.
47 Kim Suyun Woollim Ent. Part of Woollim Rookie, attends SOPA. Most likely starting final year.
48 Lee Haeun MNH Ent. Still training under MNH. Higher-ups have said she is too young to debut now.
49 Aramaki Misaki HKT48 B-sides on HKT48's "Ishi" (2019.04.10). Produce48 Senbatsu.
50 Kim Choyeon A Team Ent. Member of upcoming group I.S.E. with Son Eunchae.
51 Lee Yujeong CNC Entertainment Signed to Stardium Ent. after finishing at CNC, planning for 2020 debut (2020.02.02?)
52 Motomura Aoi HKT48 Senbatsu on HKT48's "Ishi" (2019.04.10). Produce48 Senbatsu.
53 Park Minji M&D17 No debut news, but hangs out with fellow trainees Park Chanju and Lee Chaejeong.
54 Yu Minyoung Independent (orig. HOW Ent.) Said to have left HOW Entertainment in February 2019. Status unknown.
55 Park Seoyoung Independent Goes by Roya Park, and is active on Instagram. She is good friends with Alex Christine.
56 Wang Ke HOW Ent. Member of upcoming group First Love. Expected to debut 2nd half of 2019.
57 Cho Kahyeon Starship Assumed to still be under Starship.
58 Nakano Ikumi AKB48 Graduating from AKB48 on 2019.05.30. Part of Team Nice Fight for "Mimi wo Fusage!" on NO WAY MAN.
59 Hwang Soyeon MNH (orig. Wellmade Yedang) Transferred to MNH with Lee Haeun.
60 Shin Suhyun Sublime Artists Agency (orig. FAVE Entertainment) Switched to Sublime Artists Agency (T-ara Hyomin's new agency). Active on Instagram.
61 Kang Damin Wellmade Yedang Part of EBS 2TV's "Saengbangsong Pandada" program.
62 Mogi Shinobu AKB48 "Mimi wo Fusage!" on NO WAY MAN (2018). Team Nice Fight.
63 Oda Erina AKB48 "Generation Change" on Jiwaru DAYS (2019.03.13). Team Nice Fight.
64 Yoon Eunbin CNC Entertainment Signed to Stardium Ent. after finishing at CNC, planning for 2020 debut (2020.02.02?)
65 Choi Yeonsoo YGKPLUS Official YGKPLUS profile created. Opened vlog channel.
66 Matsuoka Natsumi HKT48 Senbatsu on HKT48's "Ishi" (2019.04.10). Team Nice Fight.
67 Park Chanju M&D17 Most recently seen with Park Minji and Lee Chaejeong, did a Q&A with channel YSSCOM
68 Park Jinny Independent Active on Instagram. Posts freestyle vocals. Has an inactive Soundcloud.
69 Kim Dayeon CNC Entertainment Signed to Stardium Ent. after finishing at CNC, planning for 2020 debut (2020.02.02?)
70 Hasegawa Rena NGT48 Announced graduation on 2019.04.21. Team Nice Fight.
71 Cho Ahyeong FNC Entertainment Attends SOPA. Assumed to have remained under FNC.
72 Lee Seunghyeon WM Entertainment Still under WM. Active with other female trainees as "WM Gguunamu"
73 Kato Yuuka NMB48 Senbatsu on NMB48's "Tokomona Seiza Musume" (2019.02.20). Part of Team Nice Fight.
74 Kim Dahye Banana Culture Not featured in Banana Newkid.
75 Imada Mina HKT48 B-sides on HKT48's "Ishi". Team Nice Fight.
76 Nagano Serika AKB48 B-sides on NO WAY MAN. Team Nice Fight.
77 Hong Yeji CNC Entertainment Signed to Stardium Ent. after finishing at CNC, planning for 2020 debut (2020.02.02?)
78 Lee Chaejeong M&D17 Hangs out with Minji and Chanju.
79 Park Jieun RBW Still under RBW, active on 365 Practice.
80 Ichikawa Manami AKB48 "Mimi wo Fusage!" on NO WAY MAN. Team Nice Fight.
81 Alex Christine ZB Label Changed her stage name to AleXa. Opened for IN2IT on their India tour.
82 Kurihara Sae HKT48 Center of "Otona Ressha wa Doko wo Hashitteru no ka?", Ishi B-side (2019.04.10). Team Nice Fight.
83 Cho Yeongin WM Entertainment Still under WM. Active with other female trainees as "WM Gguunamu"
84 Asai Yuuka SKE48 "Kamisama wa Misutenai" on SKE48's "Stand by you" (2018.12.12). Team Nice Fight.
85 Ahn Yewon YGKPLUS Opened vlog channel. Walked for fashion brand LIE in Seoul Fashion Week (2019.03.18-24)
86 Naiki Kokoro NMB48 Senbatsu on NMB48's "Tokomona Seiza Musume" (2019.02.20). Team Nice Fight.
87 Kim Yubin CNC Entertainment Signed to Stardium Ent. after finishing at CNC, planning for 2020 debut (2020.02.02?)
88 Cho Sarang Million Market Million Market was absorbed into SM Entertainment, but nothing about Sarang specifically.
89 Choi Soeun The Music Works Assumed to be under Music Works.
90 Shinozaki Ayana AKB48 B-sides on NO WAY MAN. Team Nice Fight.
91 Won Seoyeon MMO Vocal student at Howon University. Assumed to still be under MMO.
- Matsui Jurina SKE48 Senbatsu on AKB48's "Jiwaru DAYS" (2019.03.13)
- Tanaka Miku HKT48 Senbatsu on "Ishi" (2019.04.10). Previously Senbatsu on AKB48's Jiwaru DAYS (2019.03.13)
- Umeyama Cocona NMB48 B-sides on AKB48's Jiwaru DAYS (2019.03.13)
- Tsukiashi Amane HKT48 B-sides on "Ishi"(2019.04.10)
- Uemura Azusa NMB48 Graduated from NMB48 on December 3, 2018.
RUMORS (Rumor Rumor, Gossip Gossip Gossip):
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2019.03.11 07:40 yugosflava My Multifiring build Sniper earns 94k per 121 stamina/1 hour. Snipers with same build, are you getting about the same?

I made an excel file to monitor how much zeny/loots I earn in an hour on a certain monster and build and it tells me that I'm only earning 94k an hour per 121 stamina (in an hour).

Multiply that with 6 (360stam) and it's only 564k raw zenny (including selling of the enchanted bow) until stam wears out. I don't really farm until read because my resources are (and time) are limited.

I read that some multi firing build can earn 1-2m per day. What puts me off with this build is the SP consumption. I eat 999 cooked food a day but even that won't last for the whole combat time and my Sniper ends up sleeping a lot!

BTW, I don't have an Incubus and Eggyra Card. Only Sohee and a partner priest for Magnificat.

If you guys are interested with the excel file that I made, here's a link. It includes my other character's farming spots, too.
Farming: Anolians GH Culvert Level: 93
Also forgot to mention that I'm using about 2 chains a day for the first hours. Thanks to the comment below for correction.
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2018.09.09 10:58 pantamy Premiere Week: September 10-16

Mondays and Tuesdays

tvN's A Hundred Days Husband (백일의 낭군님)

Wednesdays and Thursdays

OCN's Hand: The Guest (손: The Guest)

  • Director: Kim Hongsun (Black)
  • Writer: Seo Jaewon (Entourage), Kwon Sora
  • Cast: Kim Dongwook (Radiant Office), Kim Jaewook (Temperature of Love), Jung Eunchae (Return)
  • Plot: A psychic, a priest, and a detective solve bizarre crimes in present-day South Korea through a combination of exorcism and shamanism
  • streaming on: VIU(?)
*Note: OCN's first Wednesdays and Thursdays drama.
Oohh, A Ghost Detective (KBS), Time (MBC), Your Honor (SBS) Familiar Wife (tvN) and Hand: The Guest (OCN) are competing on the same timeslot and also different genre. The ratings of it will be interesting...
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2018.05.31 16:05 a-r-t-i-s [PC] [EU] [No SR required] The meme dream is looking for you!

Welcome, stranger.
I am Prism and one of the founding Meaders of Meme Dream. Today we are honoured to present you our creation! Our community is bound by two simple principles - healthy competition and fun followed by a desire to have some great time with other human beings like yourself. We are very young as a community but already have over 100 Members. We're a community for old and young.
Before I start going on about requirement and what we can give you from this, here is side note:
We’re still working on running the server and opening it up more to the people. For example we, as a community, are hosting events such as tournaments and are forming semi-professional teams inside our community at the moment, which all of you can join.
You may ask yourself what we are looking for? The answer is you!
We’re looking for players of old and new to join our lovely crew. Whether you’re looking for a competitve experience or a quick round of team deathmatch, we’re certain you’ll find your place amongst us!
Our goal is to promote a friendly and welcoming gaming enviroment. There is no rank requirement, as we believe everyone can improve and deserves to have fun with others.
So, what can we offer you?
Deriving pleasure from the game in a mature and relaxed atmosphere where you can meet and game with newly-found companions. Well organised structure throughout the community. A helpful and grown-up administration to help you with any problems or needs. Clan events such as tournaments and semi-professional teams you can join. Willingness to listen to your suggestions and improve our server for you.
Requirements you are obliged to meet:
You must be 16 years of age or older to join our community. You must speak adequate english, since english is the language of choice in the internet. Willingness to commit both socially and gameplay wise to the community and fellow partners. A working microphone. Communication is key! No toxicity. Toxicity is a leading cause in why many people cease to play the game. We do not want to be shunned by players for one persons actions. You must have installed discord. If not, I can provide you with the instructions to do so if you add me on battlenet: Prism#21650
To get started add one of us on discord. The tags for discord are below.
I hope to see you soon,
Twisttz#5991 [FESK]Sohe#7826 Cladis#7777 Prism#4646 Big Boaty#7847
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2017.05.10 05:18 FireHawk65 What Am I Listening To? - May 2017

Week 18: Thursday May 4, 2017 - Wednesday May 10, 2017


Week 19: Thursday May 11, 2017 - Wednesday May 17, 2017


Week 20: Thursday May 18, 2017 - Wednesday May 24, 2017


Week 21: Thursday May 25, 2017 - Wednesday May 31, 2017

Akagami no Shirayukihime Original Soundtrack. Lots of nice orchestral pieces in this soundtrack and many more songs that I have not listed.
Hai to Gensou no Grimgar Original Soundtrack.
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2017.04.10 16:13 gumiho-9th-tail [Spoilers] Malaysia Open Roundup

Some of you may have noticed I'm writing roundups for the Superseries tournaments, which are the highest level of tournament organised by BWF. Malaysia hosts the third tournament of 2017, and is actually a Premier event (meaning it's even more special). It also happens to be the second of 3 consecutive tournaments, with Singapore airing from this Friday's quarter finals.
Mens Singles
The world number one has a long history at this tournament, not surprising considering it's his home tournament. He doesn't really get challenged until the final, but there are some noteworthy results in the top half.
Brice Leverdez manges to upset Chinese backup player Tian Houwei, but in turn loses out Jeon HyeokJin (who also beat out senior his teammate Lee DongKeun).
Wong WingKi also makes a good appearance, at the cost of Chen Long, who seems to have picked up an injury (and yet again fails to match his ranking).
The bottom half contained both of last weeks finalists, but perhaps the tiredness from last week is affecting them, as neither makes it past the second round.
Instead it's Son WanHo (at last) showing some form, although his defeat to Lin Dan was surprising to me. Perhaps Lin Dan has found some of his old form again! In any case, his curse against Lee ChongWei still holds true; 2 sets is all it takes for the former champion to relinquish his title.
Womens Singles
Sindhu's fans must be wild after last week's victory, but this week's hopes are snuffed out in the first round. Perhaps another victim of accumulated tiredness? That said, her opponent is definitely one to watch out for; Chen YuFei.
Tai TsuYing is the one to eliminate Chen YuFei. She opted to sit out last week, so she should feel nice and fresh. Considering how many 3-setters she played, it probably helped her out.
Sung JiHyun continues her run of solid results, without ever procuring the result she really wants. Zhang BeiWen once again pushes Sun Yu to 3 sets, which is a good result for her.
Sayaka Sato is still suffering early defeats (keeping Mitani company, I guess). We know she had good results in the past, but Japan also has very exciting young talents I'd like to see instead. Sato loses out to Ratchanok, who proves yet again that she's still Thailand's #1 player.
Yamaguchi vs Saina Nehwal isn't a match you'd expect in the first round, but it's a testament to the position Women's doubles finds itself in. It's Yamaguchi that makes it through.
Okuhara finally ends her run of defeats to Yamaguchi in the quarter final. As a fan, it was great to see her on the TV court again. Her trademark movement is still there, but it's clear she isn't fully match-fit yet as she loses out to the impressive form of Carolina Marin.
Marin is the only singles player from last week's finals to make it past round 2. This really puts into perspective how physically fit she is. It's not enough though; Tai TsuYing has gotten much better at closing out matches. Two thrilling sets seem to tire out the Spaniard, allowing the world number one to win the third with a more comfortable scoreline.
Mens Doubles
Setiawan and Tan BoonHyeong make their customary early exit, losing out to former partner Mohammad Ahsan. Considering they're both fit to play, I'm not sure why they're not back together; has there been a falling-out of some kind?
In any case, it's the new pairing of Fu HaiFeng and Zheng SiWei that take control of the top half of the draw. Considering the Olympic champion had disappeared since his gold medal, SiWei must have really impressed him to get him back on court. They even take out their more established teammates (Chai Biao and Hong Wei) on the way to the final.
In the bottom half Japanese Kamura and Sonoda perform well, but it's lasts week's winners that make it to the final again. Their tiredness is apparent in all of their televised matches, but they still have enough in the tank to take the title.
That makes 3 out of 3 this year, and continues their run of infallibility on finals day. This result also pretty much guarantees their presence in the Superseries Finals at the end of the year. They're playing again next week, so it'll be interesting to see if they have enough time to recover.
Womens Doubles
China still haven't recovered the dominance of their Yu Yang/ Wang XiaoLi days, but they are definitely making some progress with their new generation. They enter no less than 5 pairings with title-winning potential, and to be honest, in the absence of Maheswari, there're only 3 nations which can compete with them.
The Koreans have two noteworthy duos, and they seem to take it in turns to perform well. Possibly the conditions will dictate which pair performs better; it'd be interesting to see if a trend appears. This week it's Chang YeNa and Lee SoHee playing well (though they might be disappointed at their semi-final exit).
The Japanese also have some great players. Unfortunately they keep knocking eachother out. In 2017 Matsutomo and Takahashi have only lost to other Japanese players. This week it's Yuki Fukushima and Sayaka Hirota.
Fukushima and Hirota are on fire; in addition to last week's semi-final, this week they take out last week's finalists, Chinese favourites Chen QingChen/Jia YiFan, and the Olympic gold medallists. They also close out the final against Huang YaQiong and Tang JinHua (returning from injury), making me feel somewhat like an oracle.
Danish duo Juhl/Pedersen are left to curse at the Koreans who seem to be adept at eliminating them.
Mixed Doubles
Chae YooJung was reunited with her youth partner Choi SolGyu after the Olympic games. They haven't been able to make it big-time yet, but their quarter final this week includes a good win against Praveen Jordan and Debby Susanto. If they want to improve, then YooJung will need to eliminate most of her cheap mistakes, and SolGyu will need to develop some more decisive shots.
They lose out to Tontowi Ahmad and struggling Liliyana Natsir. Natsir is definitely struggling with a knee injury, but Ahmad was very very impressive, almost taking on the Koreans single-handedly.
That won't cut it against the Chinese Lu Kai Huang YaQiong. They extend their series of good results with yet another final appearance.
That leaves nobody else to dispute the Chinese might; the other half of the draw is dominated by Zheng SiWei/Chen QingChen and Li YinHui/Zhang Nan.
Whilst both Zheng SiWei and Huang YaQiong entered finals day with an eye on the "doubles double", neither was able to accomplish it this week. Zheng SiWei at least walks away with the XD gold, which might have been unexpected considering Lu Kai and Huang YaQiong's exemplary finals statistics.
Whether I missed something noteworthy, or didn't mention your favourite players, I'd love to hear your thoughts too!
Next week is the Singapore Open. In many countries you can watch free on BWF's official youtube channel.
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2017.03.14 20:37 gumiho-9th-tail [Spoilers] All England Roundup

The All England tournament is the first top tier tournament of the year, signifying the start of this year's race to the Dubai Superseries Finals.
Being the tournament with the most history, it is often considered a step above even the other Superseries Premier events, so we know the best are going to be here. Many players elect this tournament as their favourite.
Men's Singles
Many people would have started out hoping for a Lin Dan - Lee ChongWei final. This will be one of the last opportunities to see this on a big stage.
Lee ChongWei only stumbled slightly at the semi-final stage to an improving Chou Tien Chen (who has struggled to achieve consistent results after his initial 'big splash').
In the other half of the draw Lin Dan struggled much more, with Victor Axelsen pushing Lin Dan to the brink before imploding with a bout of nerves. Fellow countryman Shi YuQi finished the job the following day, denying the hopefuls of their dream final.
With the number 1 seed Lee ChongWei in great form, the Chinese youngster failed to make a big impact (despite his commitment). Hopefully Shi YuQi's injury will heal quickly so we see him competing again soon (together with Son WanHo).
Fans of Chen Long and Jan O'Jorgensen will be disappointed with their performances; neither were able to put up a fight in their early exits. Tanongsak Saensomboonsuk and (relative unknown) Kazumasa Sakai the beneficiaries.
It's fitting to end with Lee ChongWei's announcement that he will be competing the All England next year.
Women's Singles
Women's singles has been THE discipline to follow for the past few years, and it doesn't look like that will change any time soon. A number of unseeded players had a realistic chance of taking the title, including personal sweetheart Nozomi Okuhara (but more realistically He BingJiao, Sayaka Sato, Busanan etc.).
But it wasn't to be this week; most matches followed the seeding positions, with notable exceptions (Yamaguchi eking out Sun Yu and Ratchanok Inthanon's epic bust-up with Carolina Marin).
The final itself exemplified the wonderful state of Women's singles, but yet again Tai TsuYing comes out on top. Even though she hasn't looked like she's in absolute best form, she seems to have gotten better at finding ways to win. People who watched her competition games at the beginning of the year might already have noticed this.
As an aside, I hope we see more of Zhang BeiWen, who showed an accomplished game, despite her first-round exit.
Men's Doubles
After the post-olympic exodus it's been a race to see who will fill the void. Early on it seems like Malasians Tan WeeKiong and Goh V Shem are ready for that mantle, but the competition is fierce.
A couple you can't ignore is Li JunHui and Liu YuChen, who knocked out aforementioned Malasians in the quarter finals. On the way to the final they also knocked out Zhang Nan alongside his new partner Liu Cheng.
The other half saw the early exit of the failing experiment between Tan BoonHeong and Hendra Setiawan. They will need to up their game if they want this partnership to last.
Also making an immediate exit were number 2 seeds Boe and Mogensen. Danish supporters will be looking at the two Mads' (Mads Kolding and Mads Conrad) as their replacement; they made a great impression even in the semi-final where they lost out to Indonesian duo Marcus Gideon and Kevin Sukamuljo.
The Indonesians were unstoppable, scoring points with panache. It's great to see such exciting play, even if they haven't quite departed from the 'first 3 shots' sickness that men's doubles is currently suffering from.
In the end, the Chinese youngsters must have left the final feeling baffled.
Women's Doubles
With China's dominance leading up to the Olympic games, one assumed they would take Olympic gold. However, they were never able settle on the best combination for the job, and this probably cost them in Rio.
A half year later, we should expect them to have sorted out their couples (presumably), and it really is an awesome lineup they have.
Their competition comes primarily from Japanese top-duo Matsutomo-Takahashi, with potential upsets from the upcoming Korean duos Shin-Jung and Lee-Chang. With Maheswari's long-term injury, the Indonesian threat is currently abated.
But it's easy to forget about the Danish ladies amongst all the asian couples. Despite this, they waltzed their way to the final, even making short work of the now-more-familiar Shin SungChan-Jung KyungEun couple (who looked poor and unfocussed in their semi-final).
The real surprise however, is how well Japan's second-teir couples are working out. Three of the four couples made it into the 3rd round (at the cost of the Olympic champions), and although it ended there, it shows that Japan is seriously building up some depth of talent.
On the other hand, China's depth of talent didn't live up to expectation. Only Bao YiXin and Yu XiaoHan made it to the semi-final, and even they couldn't force the Lee SoHee-Chang YeNa combination into a third set.
The reason for that is the Koreans' scintillating form. I've never seen them play this well (and consistently) before. I saw Chang spend more time at the back than usual, and think this must be a coaching directive (because Shin SC and Jung KE were also doing this).
Lee SoHee is my elected VIP in the final. Consistency and great play took the Koreans to an confident victory. Their second superseries gold equals their compatriots, so it's exciting to see which of the two duos will grow the most over the next few years.
Seeding positions were as reliable as dowsing rods in the mixed doubles draw.
Qualifiers Huang DongPing and Wang YilYu not only took out the hot youngsters Zheng SiWei and Chen QingChen but also my beloved Chae YooJung-Choi SolGyu combo.
They eventually succumbed to Chan PengSoon and Goh LiuYing, who have taken a long time to return to top form after Goh's knee injuries. Their form really has returned though, with Zhang Nan-Li YinHui and Yuta Watanabe-Arisa Higashino added to their list of scalps.
Married couple Chris and Gabby Adcock made it to the semi finals by beating former title holders Ahmed and Natsir (who seems to be undergoing a similar demise to Lin Dan).
Their dream (and the dream of all the home fans) was cut short by Lu Kai and Huang YaQiong. The Chinese duo took the hardest route to the final, but eventually overcame all obstacles (with some generous portions of luck) to make it to finals day.
As for the final; it has to be the best mixed match I've ever seen. I urge you to watch if you haven't seen it yet (blocked in some countries): Official YouTube link
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2015.12.22 18:11 ddjei123 [H]★ Butterfly Knife Urban Masked (Field-Tested) [W] 29 Keys

b/o Good mw looking butterfly. Send trade offer :
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2012.12.27 15:46 Dominoed My brother's journal (Update 3)

My post Update 1 Update 2 Update 3 Update 4 Update 5
I'd like to start off by saying I'm sorry for not posting more of my brother's entries lately, and I know you guys have been waiting patiently for them. At least I'm able to post more right now.
I went to my mom's house on Monday, and I got back today. I kept the journal at home, because I didn't want her to read them. She's going through enough right now, and showing the journal to her would make it much worse, let alone her reading it. After everything is calmed down, my mom gets a little better, and holiday season passes, then I'll show her the journals. Then I'll give her the choice of coming down to the farm with me to investigate. But for now, it's best to leave it alone.
We decided not to have a funeral for my brother. There wouldn't be many people there, and it would bring back painful memories to my mom and I. We're getting him cremated, even though it is against our beliefs, it is for the better.
Now to the journals, thank you for waiting:
December 8, 2012
You won't believe what is happening. I can barely believe myself, but that's why I'm writing in here. To prove to myself that this isn't my imagination, to keep my sanity. But one's will over something can only go so far...
I woke up to the sound of breaking glass and loud patting, like someone patting your back, but over and over, very fast. As soon as I woke my self up fully, I ran downstairs to see the front door wide open. It was raining birds...dead birds. The ground outside was full of them. Like a flood, but with birds. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. There were several on the floor in front of the front door, and I closed the door right away. I remembered...the glass. Where did it come from? I walked into the kitchen to find my answer. The birds broke the kitchen window, and there were two on the wooden counter. I backed away from the kitchen, and turned around. The birds in front of the door were gone. I looked back into the kitchen, and the sound stopped. Those birds had disappeared too. But I know what I saw, because the window was still broken. I went back upstairs, and here I am. Lying in my bed. I couldn't have imagined that, could I?
The figure is still there, still running towards me. It now has a partner, running next to him. You'd think it would have made some progress, running all night, but no. It's taunting me, I think I'll go up there and have a look. I know my father had to have had some type of weapons in here. I'll keep looking.
I've given up on the phone. It won't ever work. I don't know how it worked before, all the way out here in the middle of nowhere.
I found an old rifle under the cabinet in the kitchen. I have yet to find any ammunition for the thing. There has to be some somewhere, right?
It's getting late, and the figures in the distance haven't moved an inch. They're extremely far away.
December 10, 2012 ???
This is freaking me out. I don't know how to explain this. I woke up and the clock on the wall said 8:34am. It was still dark out, which it shouldn't have been that early in the morning. I guessed it was just the clock. So I went back to sleep, and woke up at 2:00pm exactly. It was still dark out. I decided to stay up, and after an hour, I went downstairs and ate breakfast, or dinner, I couldn't tell. I stayed up for hours, and it stayed dark. There must have been clouds covering the sky, because I couldn't see the moon or any stars. I couldn't even see if the figures were out there or not. It was too dark. When the clock said 11:00pm, I decided to go to sleep. I just woke up, the clock says 9:21am, and it's light out. I'm not sure if it's the 9th or 10th of December, it might even be later than that. Things are getting weird here. I hope it's all just my imagination.
Is that snorting? I hear a pig snorting downstairs.
I'm staying inside the house from now on. I know this is all my crazy creative imagination, but I'm writing it down anyway. I went downstairs to find where the snorting was coming from, and there were dead pigs laid out on the kitchen and main room floor. Blood draining from each and every exit hole in them. They were all lined up, parallel to each other, rotting as if they were there for weeks. I realized the snorting had stopped, and when I blinked, they were gone. But the blood stains on the floor were still there. I looked around at the mess, and noticed that the front door was gone, and so were the hinges. On the floor where the door should be, was a box of ammunition. I picked it up right away so it wouldn't disappear, too. I looked out and could see the two figures, and they each had a horse beside them. I could clearly make out two horses, because they were much closer now. Still very far away, though. I went upstairs, put the rifle and the full ammo box on the bed, and here I am, writing. I'm going to go out towards the figures. Wish me luck, journal.
I'm not sure if this is an accident, or if he skipped a page in his journal somehow, but the next page has the date as December Ninth. I feel bad for my brother, I can't believe simply moving to live in peace had made him this lonely and caused him to lose his least I hope that he imagined this.
December 9, 2012
Not much has happened today. It was a normal day and I'm going to bed, since it's already 8:34 in the morning.
December 11, 2012
Yesterday I went out to them. Well at least I tried to. I took my rifle, the ammo I found, a gallon of water, and a knife with me in my backpack. I left right away. The more I walked up to them, they followed my moves and backed up, too. But it still looked like they were running towards me. I tried jogging, they just backed up even faster. I full-on sprinted and it seemed impossible that they could back up like that while making body movements toward me. I ran for at least 2 miles before I gave up. As soon as I gave up, I realized that there was another figure on each horse, and there were 2 more figures outside of each horse. I can't believe I missed that. I decided to jog back home, and when I turned around, I saw the barn was on fire. I ran as fast as I could, and by the time I reached it, it had already collapsed and the fire was contained inside of it. I watched for 2 hours as the fire slowly burnt away the roof that fell down, and pushed down the high walls of the old barn, before smoldering away. I've been sitting at the kitchen table ever since. The bedroom is gone. At the top of the stairs, it's just a wall. I don't have enough strength and energy right now to do anything. I'm tired.
December 12, 2012
I spent the night on the part of the floor that didn't have blood on it, with an old extra blanket. I woke up, and demolished the wall where the bedroom should be. There's nothing there, just an indent in the house. I'm going out to the town tomorrow, because it's too late to go today. I'm packing up supplies for the trip there, and maybe back. I'm wearing my boots, and I decided that I'm taking this journal. I decided that I'm going to sleep early tonight, so I can wake up early. I'm planning to stay somewhere in the town tomorrow night, I think there's a motel there.
There are now 6 more people on either side of the "stampede" that's coming my way. That's what I'm calling it from now on. They have about 10 dogs running in front of them. They are much closer today, and the weird thing is, they're all black. Not black clothes, black as in you can see through them, sort of. I found more towels and made the best bed I could for tonight. Hopefully it will be the last time I have to sleep here.
December 13, 2012
I'm leaving soon, at the most, 10 minutes. I want to get a good meal down before I leave.
I just left, and I'm carrying the two bags on my back, while I walk at a pace and write in here. It's just going to be a straight walk, so I won't be writing much.
There are footprints in the ground. Really fresh, and they were wearing boots. I'm picking up my pace.
I see a house far away. Maybe they have a phone that I can call with. I'm jogging now.
I can't believe it. I either went in a circle, or turned around somewhere. It was the farmhouse. I know I went straight the entire time, I didn't even look behind me. I need to do something, fast.
December 14, 2012
The stampede is dangerously close, and it has too many "people" with it to count. It looks as if there's a whole army out there, stretching about 100 wide, with horses and wolves all around them. They're about twice as far from the house than my car was. I tried firing into them, but I just wasted the bullets and nothing happens.
December 15, 2012
I found my father's journal, sitting on the kitchen table. I read through it, and I think I know what my fate is.
That's not the last of the entries, but it's enough for now.
My post Update 1 Update 2 Update 3 Update 4 Update 5
I was given very specific instructions by my son. I wish I was able to stop him, but by the time I recieved the instructions, it was already too late to try anything. I was told to post the last of entries.
The instructions led me to the journal, and this account. I am familiar with Reddit, so he told me that I could use this account until he is able to.
December 16, 2012
I'm sitting at the table, I have been ever since I found the journal and lit it on fire inside of the front doorway. I didn't know my father had a brother. I haven't read all of it, but enough to know that whoever ends up living here...doesn't leave alive. I've been in and out of consciousness, since I didn't get any sleep last night and I haven't eaten in...a long time.
They're still out there, much much closer to the house now. Surrounding the house.
Bedtime. I was trying to see if I could watch them move, but I'd rather get some sleep.
stewhodn yl, sohe
He is a very deep sleeper.
December 17, 2012
I think that today will be my last day. They're feet from the house now, and I can hear voices saying the same thing over and over again. I can't make out what they're saying yet.
There's three voices, saying three different things. Getting louder.
"Kill yourself", and "You still have a chance", I can't make out the last one yet.
"In the attic".
Does the house even have an attic? I guess it's worth looking for. What else is there to do? They're already coming inside the house.
I remember a square, maybe a door, in the ceiling of the bedroom. If only I could still get into there. I'll keep looking. They're all inside of the house now.
I found another trapdoor in the ceiling of a closet. It leads to an wouldn't believe what's in here.
They're in that closet now.
I'm closing my eyes. If this is my imagination, then nothing can happen to me, right?
That was the last entry.
I can tell you that when we found my son in the house, there were no trapdoors, and there was no attic. The barn was still there, with the animals. His car was still there. The floors had no blood, and the window was not broken. The front door was on its hinges, connected to the house. He was found in the bedroom, with his eyes closed.
My son died of a heart attack.
I was told by the instructions to come visit, hopefully save, my other son, 19 days after his departure, early in the morning.
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4TUNE • Sohee - Spotlight • Dance cover by Joss ft. Mansae Wonder Girls Funny Clip #88: Sohee Timidly Obeys Min PD 2 Wonder Girls Funny Clip #59: SoBin = So Awkward Yu Vin 'We used to see each other, but now it's all over' [Radio Star Ep 633] Interview with main actors of movie 'Train To Busan ... SNSD Yoona and Wonder Girls SoheeFit - YouTube Kim Jong Kook Calls Song Ji Hyo His Wife..? 'Honey ... Yoona & Taecyeon - Sexy Back - - YouTube


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  3. Wonder Girls Funny Clip #59: SoBin = So Awkward
  4. Yu Vin 'We used to see each other, but now it's all over' [Radio Star Ep 633]
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