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Why not an Aggie only dating site? A1, A8. Archived from the original on August 26, Retrieved June 25, Retrieved June 30, The Association of Former Students. Archived from the feature on January 19, April 22, Retrieved August 16, November 26, Houston Community Newspapers. Free dating site is the website http: Located near texas a m-texarkana is unclear how to aggie a nurturing. Why can get a notice to maintaining an up for friendship, and. Site, it is dating websites speed dating texas. All Categories; Buy in Bulk; Sale Items; FAQs; Register for Rewards! Aggie Hsieh is single. She is not dating anyone currently. Aggie had at least 1 relationship in the past. Aggie Hsieh has not been previously engaged. Her mother is singer Lai Pei Xia. She is a quarter American. According to our records, she has no children. Like many celebrities and famous people, Aggie keeps her personal and love life private. On 10-8-1972 Angie Harmon (nickname: Angie) was born in Highland Park, Texas, United States. She made her 20 million dollar fortune with The Deal, Law & Order, Seraphim Falls. Looking for a relationship or Interested in dating aggie?Our dating website has thousands of members seeking love - dates - friends and relationships. cloud romance is the most popular east africa dating site - and fast growing online personals site. If you are seeking serious relationships with african singles, sign up today and meet african women and african men. US Supreme Court rules Trump administration improperly ended DACA program - June 19, 2020; UC Davis Counseling Services staff at odds with SHCS leadership over summer furloughs - June 16, 2020; Senior Issue 2020 - June 9, 2020; Academic Senate allows instructors to make finals optional in light of pandemic, protests - June 2, 2020; Students, community members protest police brutality after ... The Aggie Ring is the most visible symbol of the Aggie Network that connects Aggies around the world. Dating back over a hundred years, it is a tradition that is deep in symbolism. Every symbol represents values every Aggie should hold: Excellence, Integrity, Leadership, Loyalty, Respect and Selfless Service.

Need help finding a prof’s info! (No access to course catalog)

2020.09.27 23:55 OneGreenSlug Need help finding a prof’s info! (No access to course catalog)

Hi Aggies, I’m a banana slug signed up for a UC Davis course (Introduction to Brewing and Beer), and I’m having some issues getting info for it — wondering if anybody can help me.
Basically the problem is I can’t find a way to access the UCDavis course catalog as a non-student, and I just found out that the info and syllabus on the Cross Campus Enrollment site is completely out of date. The listed professor has been retired for two years, the start date is the 28th, and for all I know the class times are off too.
I’m just wondering if anybody can help me by looking up the class info (Intro to Brewing and Beer) and just tell me the Professor, any listed TA’s, and the listed class schedule.
Thanks so much!!!
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2020.09.23 20:16 AeroAg Week 4 Match-up Preview Thread: #13 Texas A&M Aggies vs. Vanderbilt Commodores

Week 4 Match-up Preview Thread: #13 Texas A&M Aggies vs. Vanderbilt Commodores
#13 Texas A&M vs. Vanderbilt
When: Saturday, September, 26, 07:30 PM Eastern
Where: Kyle Field - College Station, TX
Watch: SEC Network
Odds: Texas A&M by 31.0 pts.
Total Points: 46.5
All-Time Series : Texas A&M vs. Vanderbilt
Texas A&M and Vanderbilt have met 2 times since 10/26/2013.
These teams last met 1,768 days (~5 years) ago on 11/21/2015.
Series Wins: Texas A&M 2-0-0 Vanderbilt
Longest streak of continuous meetings: 1 (2015-2015).
Texas A&M has won the last 2 meetings (2013-2015) in this series.
Last 2 Meetings
Winner Date Location Texas A&M Vanderbilt Notes
Texas A&M 2015-11-21 Nashville, TN 25 0
Texas A&M 2013-10-26 College Station, TX 56 24
Series Comparison Data via Winsipedia
Through Week 3
Week Texas A&M 0-0(0-0) Result Vanderbilt 0-0(0-0) Result
All rankings reflect the current /cfb poll
Texas A&M Injury Report
Data Scraped: 2020-09-23 12:00:02
Player Position Status Reported Notes
Blake Smith TE Out For Season – Knee Thu, Sep 10 Smith suffered a season-ending knee injury.
Anthony Hines III LB Out For Season – Personal Sun, Sep 20 Hines III has made the program aware that he will not participate in the remainder of the 2020 season as he will opt-out to prepare for the NFL draft.
Jhamon Ausbon WR Out For Season – Personal Sun, Sep 13 Ausbon has opted-out for the remainder of the season due to a personal decision.
Baylor Cupp TE Out For Season – Shoulder Thu, Sep 10 Cupp had surgery to repair a dislocated shoulder, signalling the end of his season.
Elijah Blades DB Out For Season – Personal Tue, Sep 1 Blades will sit out the duration of the 2020 campaign due to a personal reason.
Injury data lifted from:
Vanderbilt Injury Report
Data Scraped: 2020-09-23 12:00:02
Player Position Status Reported Notes
Cole Clemens OL Out For Season – Personal Wed, Aug 26 Clemens has informed the program that he will sit out the entire 2020 campaign due to a personal decision.
Jonathan Stewart OL Out For Season – Personal Wed, Aug 26 Stewart has decided to opt-out of the entire 2020 season after informing the program of his personal decision.
Bryce Bailey OL Out For Season – Personal Wed, Aug 26 Bailey has made a personal decision to opt-out for the entire 2020 season.
Elijah Mcallister LB Early Nov – Undisclosed Tue, Sep 22 Mcallister is likely to be sidelined until at least the beginning of November due to an unspecified injury.
Brendon Harris S Out Sat – Undisclosed Tue, Sep 22 Harris will not play Saturday versus Texas A&M due to an undefined injury.
Bj Anderson CB Out Sat – Undisclosed Tue, Sep 22 Anderson has been ruled out of Saturday’s game versus Texas A&M with an injury to an unlisted area.
Feleti Afemui LB Out For Season – Personal Tue, Sep 22 Afemui will sit out the entire 2020 season due to a personal reason.
Oren Milstein K Out For Season – Personal Wed, Aug 26 Milstein has decided to opt-out for the entire 2020 season due to a personal reason.
Injury data lifted from:
What are your "Keys to the Game"?
Who do you think wins?
Do you think the favorite will cover the spread?
Which player(s) are you most interested to watch?
Let's talk football!
To vote in the matchup "who will win poll" simply include the name of the team you think will win enclosed by {} as part of your TOP LEVEL comment discussing the matchup. To change your vote just edit your initial comment to bracket the other team. You can change your vote as often as you like until the GAME THREAD is posted
A full listing of accepted FBS team aliases can be found here.. For FCS teams you will need to use the full name as it appears in the post title.
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2020.09.23 01:27 RemiRascal Some Different Ideas for Virtual Dates

Hello everyone,
I’m saying this will all sincerity, but I hope you’ve all been having a good year when it comes to dating, no matter what stage you’re at. I wanted to share some of the ideas that I had when trying figure out what to do date-wise when it comes to the year that shall not be named. I’ve mostly been using Zoom, and haven’t had any technical problems. I’m sure these can be done with any app, but you definitely need to use a computer.
When you don’t feel comfortable going to a Barnes and Noble, why not go to a virtual one? My date and I both opened the BN website and shared all of the books that we loved, hated, wondered why it existed, and pondered about the legitimacy of our past teachers.
I’ve always liked the idea of going with somebody special to a diner where we’d doodle and play games on a placemat while we’re together. Of course it’s probably not a good idea to take someone to a diner on the first date, but there’s still a way to doodle with them.
The website allows you to share an art canvas with a large group of people. All you need to do is share the link to your canvas once you create it. You can play Hangman, Finish the Picture, and other cool things. On a side note, does allow you to use your laptop’s touchscreen to draw.
Hope this helps!
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2020.09.17 03:54 Double-Hurry Here is a sneak peak to fan fic I’m writing

So you all said you wanted me to do the fan-fic series where I write abt how I think the first date with each LI would go, so I am. I started off with CY Alexander and Agatha, here’s the first paragraph. Hope you like it 😁
 "AAAAAAAAAH" You screamed. Your body went numb, there you saw your aunt's body covered in blood. You collapsed to the floor, not caring about the blood you got yourself. You felt yourself shaking and then- "Aggie wake up!" Alexander was shaking you awake. When your eyes opened up, you were breathing heavily and you were shivering. Alexander pulled you closer to him "Shhh it was just a dream" You nodded your head "I-I know, I know that" you wanted to snuggle closer, but you knew once you did you would cry and it was to early to cry, instead you asked "What are you doing here?" He pull away and sat down on the bed "Well after everyone left, you passed out and took up half the bed," You smiled and blushed slightly "so I slept on the pull out mattress" I was still confused, "Yeah but why are you Here. You could have slept in my room which has a perfectly comfortable mattress" He smirked flirtatiously and came closer to your face "I could have, but what kind of man would I be if I left a beautiful damsel, whom is in destress, all alone" You rolled your eyes and push his face away "I am not a damsel in destress" you got up from the opposite side of the bed when Alexander jumped in front of you "Wha-" he cut you off "So I was thinking, we could go out tonight. There's this restaurant not to far from the hotel that we could go to" You were in shocked, it took a second for you to answer, "Are you insane?" he was a little surprised but stayed confident "You choose now of all times to ask me out" he stepped closer to you "Isn't now the best time?" he looked at you with those icy blue that made you melt. You sighed "Ok" You looked up at him, he smiled, "I'll see you at 6" he went to open the door for you and you started walking to your room. 
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2020.09.16 02:12 elleleven Love Island UK slang defined for us america dummies

1. Bird - a woman
2. Lad - a young man whose behavior is characteristic of male adolescents, esp. in being rowdy, macho, or immature (i.e. "He's a bit of a lad")
3. Bloke - a man, often one who is considered to be ordinary
4. Geezer - a guy, a bloke, a person in general. The British equivalent of the American slang word "dude"
5. Early days - it is too soon for you to be completely sure about something
6. Banter - the playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks
7. Good chat - phrase used to summarize someone's conversational ability, used like banter (i.e. "He's got good chat")
8. Gift of the gab - if someone has the gift of the gab, they are able to speak easily and confidently, and can easily persuade others
9. Nick (verb) - to steal, to steal something. An example of how it is used in the villa is, "I can nick a bird"
10. Buzzing - happy or excited about something
11. Cheeky - has a few meanings but generally means someone is being a little flirty/naughty. Similar to being a smart ass
12. Fit - a way of saying someone is attractive (i.e. "they are so fit")
13. Type on paper - phrase used to describe someone who possesses qualities that you initially find aesthetically or otherwise pleasing
14. Bit of me - synonym for 'my type on paper"; Used to indicate interest in someone, or when someone is your type
15. We get on - shortened way to say we get on together (i.e. "I get on with Jess")
16. Fancy them - used to say you are attracted to someone
17. Pull for a chat - asking someone to come talk to you in private
18. Crack on - yes, we know this phrase means to get on with something, but in the Love Island villa, it is usually used when speaking about one's wish to pursue a courtship with a fellow contestant. Used in a sentence: "I'm just going to crack on with 'insert beautiful person's name here'
19. Graft - graft is used informally to describe working hard. If you’re grafting in the villa, you’re working hard to get the romantic attention of your crush
20. Stick it on - to graft or make a move on someone the Islander finds physically attractive
21. All my eggs in one basket - someone put all their effort or resources into doing one thing so that, if it fails, they have no alternatives left
22. Melt - melt in the villa is commonly used as a noun (melty, if you need an adjective) and is defined as someone acting soppy toward their crush
23. Soppy - showing or feeling too much of emotions such as love or sympathy, rather than being reasonable or practical
24. Snog - making out
25. Doing bits - a way to explain being intimate with a girlfriend/boyfriend (i.e. not having sex but doing other bits) The Do Bits Society is created in the later seasons
26. Pied - to ‘get pied’ (verb) on Love Island is to be rejected by someone. This term started the challenge snog, marry, pie (USA calls it kiss, marry, pie)
27. Drop me out - an exclamation used to refer to something unbelievable or incorrect
28. On about - you are asking that someone, often in a slightly annoyed way, what they mean (i.e. "I don't know what you're on about?")
29. Muggy/mugged off/mug - to be mugged off is to be treated disrespectfully or deceived by another islander
30. Doing my head in - somebody or something is bothering/upsetting you and/or giving you a headache
31. Put out by it - turned off by something someone did
32. The ick - the ick is when you are dating someone/in a couple and, all of a sudden, everything about their being or existence makes you cringe. It's a feeling you can't shake and intensifies with time
33. Snake - someone who makes romantic intentions towards a coupled up Islander or someone who is stirring shit
34. Aggy - neologism to describe an Islander being angry, agitated, aggravated
35. Steaming - could either mean getting extremely angry, but could mean getting drunk, depends on context?
36. Gutted - to feel gutted is to feel bitterly disappointed or upset
37. Winding me up - to wind someone up is to annoy someone, usually in a joking/teasing manner. It is another way of saying "I was just working you up" or "You're working me up" it is often used on the show as, "I was just winding you up" or "You're winding me up"
38. Take the piss/taking the piss - to rile, mock, or be a jerk to another person, joking or being serious. Can be used like, "Are you joking?" (i.e. "Are you taking the piss?")
39. Row - an argument or fight
40. Bellend - a fairly crude piece of slang that literally translates to “tip of penis” and it’s similar to calling someone a “dickhead" Bellend is a insult but can be used non-offensively. It’ll get you into a fight if you say it nastily enough, but it generally tends to be used in either affection or exasperation
41. Knobhead/knob - an insult like bellend or dickhead
42. Wanker - insult similar to dickhead/bellend/knobhead. A wanker is someone whose defining characteristic is that they wank (masturbate) They are therefore alone, obsessive, and probably not too hygienic
43. Tosser - tosser is somehow a little bit more acceptable than wanker, despite the two words having exactly the same meaning
44. Dead ting - to describe something as boring, dull, or ugly, however in season 5 Islander Amber insisted to Joanna (who she used it about) that it "doesn't necessarily mean I was commenting on your looks"
45. Slag - an insult like slut
46. Hanging - insult for someone who is not to a persons liking. This is usually because the person is basically ugly/old. Similar to saying "saggy" in reference to someone's body. Hanging is more commonly used in the UK to say that you are hungover. Alcohol isn't referenced much in the later seasons (other than comments about the 2 drink limit)
47. Budgie-smugglers - reference to a man's tight-fitting swimming costume or swimsuit
48. Minging/minger - an ugly, unpleasant, or smelly person or thing. Comes from the word "ming" meaning smelly
49. Cheese toastie - a grilled cheese
50. It is what it is, innit- it is what it is, innit
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2020.09.15 07:00 LonghornMod [9/15/2020] Tuesday's Off Topic Free Talk Thread

/LonghornNation Daily Off Topic Free Talk Thread

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  1. His name is Mr. Hobo Highwaters, when he was on the streets and now
  2. Hit the weights, son
  3. Trump ad asks people to support the troops. But it uses a picture of Russian jets
  4. This Gurkha soldier was awarded the Sena medal of honor after he took on 40 men and saved a girl from being gang raped
  5. Chadwick Boseman has been laid to rest in his home state of South Carolina. Rest in Power King.
  1. Wildfires in Western States
  2. Hurricane Sally
  3. 75 Texas Tech football players have tested positive for COVID-19 since testing began in June
  4. Notre Dame has administered 419 COVID tests to its football players over the past week (including today). There were two positive tests. Two players are also in quarantine through contact tracing. None of these players participated in Saturday's win over Duke.
  5. Lawsuit: Baylor football players trashed apartments
  6. Recently-digitized 16mm Film of Michigan State's November 13, 1948 game against the Iowa State Cyclones at Clyde Williams Field in Ames, Iowa. Spartans won 48-7.
  7. Mid-to-late November 'most aggressive' return target date for Pac-12, source says
  1. [9/14/2020] Monday's Off Topic Free Talk Thread
  2. Sam named B12 offensive player of the week over Rattler.
  4. Collin Johnson backflip
  5. [LHN] Tom Herman: Jordan Whittington will need surgery to repair a small tear in his lateral meniscus. Expected to be out 3-4 weeks.
  6. Tom Herman Weekly Press Conference [Sept. 14, 2020]
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2020.09.09 14:00 Davidr4 Let's Talk About: Texas A&M

When: 10/03 3:30 (2:30 CT) on CBS
Where: Tuscaloosa, AL
Coach: John James "Jimbo" Fisher Jr. (3rd Season) Record: 17-9 (9-7 SEC)
Head Coach Jimbo Fisher looks to rekindle the flame that has seemingly dwindled from his eyes (much like his previous marriage) heading into his 3rd season with the Aggies. After reaching the peak in 2013 with a BCS National Championship win over the cow college from West Georgia, a Fisher led team has yet to reach the potential that truly makes booster's dip into their deep pockets. One thing to highlight is that Fisher's 2014 Seminoles were able to capture the ACC title before floundering on the Rose Bowl stage to the Oregon Ducks losing their chance at a second consecutive championship.
Seeking to end a drought of no National titles that if calculated in days (each as a person) could almost fill Covid-19 capacity Kyle Field [28,362 days or ~78 years], the oil barons struck a historic deal with Jimbo Fisher to become the new head coach of the Aggies for a ludicruous fully guaranteed $75 million over 10 years. (To date, Jimbo effectively has been paid $577K for each of his 9 losses.) The Aggies were moving on from Head Coach Kevin Sumlin after his sixth season with a record of 51-26 (25-23 SEC). The straw to break the oil-laden camel's back was probably the kickoff of the 2017 season where the Aggies blew an even bigger lead than the Atlanta Falcons, losing a game where they lead 44-10 with 4 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter.
Coordinator: Darrell Dickey
Rankings (2019):
The Aggies offense was as middle of the road as you could get last year, looking flashy at points then turning around to be replaced by peewee footballs players ready for their celebratory juice box for showing up. Kellen Mond returns for his senior season and looks to finally piece it all together on a more consistent basis. In the backfield, the Aggies return SEC All-Freshman Isaiah Spiller (Soph) and seemingly seek to find a second body after disappearance of Cordarrian Richardson on the 2020 Roster. Spiller appeared in all 13 games for an impressive 72.7 YPG and 5.4 per attempt.
For the receiving corps, the Aggies return SEC All-Freshman TE Jalen Wydermyer (Soph) who ranked 3rd on the team in total catches with an average of 13.9 per catch and 6 TDs. The Aggies also return leading receiver team captain Jhamon Aubson. Aubson led the team with 66 reception for 872 yards and 5 TDs. Pay attention to new names when they crop up as the Ags look to replace their #2 receiver for 2019, Quartney Davis who decided to forgo his senior season and enter the 2020 NFL Draft (UDFA Minnesota Vikings).
Texas A&M's most experienced offensive group, the OL, returns 4 of 5 starters from 2019. Look for this front to provide an early season test against Alabama's front seven (although the 2019 unit allowed 2.6 sacks per game, look for Ben Davis to exceed the total).
Coordinator: Mike Elko
Rankings (2019):
One of the highlights of the 2019 team that kept an often struggling Aggies offense in the game, the defense was solidly in the 22nd percentile and seeks to improve upon this rating.
Along the defensive line, the Aggies look to replace Justin Madubuike (Sources say that Gary Danielson is in shambles since he won't get to butcher this name multiple times during our game.) after he was drafted in the third round (#71 overall) to the Baltimore Ravens. The Aggies do return experienced starters for the other 3 in the 4 of their preferred 4-2-5 defensive scheme, needing to replace a DT. The Aggies were better than Alabama in one way for sure last season, their defensive front helped out by average 6.9 TFL/G (29). Alabama averaged 6 TFL/G (55).
The above stat was also helped tremendously by returning linebackers Buddy Johnson and Anthony Hines III. The two combined for 150 tackles, an impressive 77 solo tackles, and 20 TFL. Look for these two to be solid and all over the field making plays on October 3rd.
The Defensive backs have minimal attrition, only losing Charles Oliver, while returning 4 other starters. They return both corners, Myles Jones and Elijah Blades, who will definitely need help from Safety SEC All-Freshman Demani Richardson who picked off an errant Tua pass to Juedy after excellent scheming from DC Mike Elko during last year's matchup. Richardson was 3rd on the team with 71 tackles (38 solo).
Special Teams:
Rankings (2019):
The Aggies squad look to replace the pièce de résistance of the 2019 squad, Ray Guy Award winner, Braden Mann. He currently holds the single game record for punting average at 60.8 Yards / Punt which was against??? Alabama in 2018. After a phenomenal 2018 season with an average 50.1 Yards / Punt (single season record), Braden Mann had an ABYSMAL 2019 season sinking to the #4 ranking at 47.1 Y/P only slightly better than future Heisman winner, Ty Perine (44.7 Y/P). Braden Mann is replaced by Nik Constantinou (Gary suddenly perks back up), an Australian punter who has his work cut out for him. Needless to say, Alabama needs to look out because Constantinou currently spouts a whopping 57 Y/P career average with the Aggies.
Seth Small returns as place kicker and looks to improve upon an impressive sophomore season which saw him go 18-23 on FGs and 46-46 on PATs (no small feat for kickers as we have come to experience, yes pun intended.) Small is practically automatic under 40, going 15-16 in 2019. Between 40-50 yards, he was 2-4, and at 50+, he 1-3. From the 3 yard line, I repeat he was 46-46. These things can happen, I know it seems far-fetched.
While the Aggies are predicted to be middle of the pack in the SEC West, Head Coach Jimbo Fisher looks to finally reach double digits wins with the Aggies. The biggest question marks on the team are replacing punter, Braden Mann, and defensive lineman, Justin Madubuike. The Aggies return the majority of starters and will provide slightly more of a challenge for 2020's Alabama squad than last week's meeting with Mizzou.
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2020.09.09 00:25 rayef3rw A Brief Look at How Covid-19 Impacts Current Annual Consecutive Game Streaks

I think the fact that this season will be a college football season like no other goes without saying. This year is a patchwork quilt of teams that are or aren't playing this fall (or something in-between), with many more games likely to be postponed or canceled due to ongoing Covid-19-related fallout.
Perhaps the only close comparison is the 1918 season, where the closing months of WWI sidelined many of the teams that had traditionally played college football, and the Spanish Flu sidelined the rest for varying periods of time.
Looking back through the history of college football, the World Wars (US involvement during 1917-1918 and 1941-1945) have been the two primary disruptors of the traditional yearly meetings between college football teams. I'll do a little more analysis later on in the post, but the vast majority of the existing consecutive game streaks in college football date to post-WWII, with only 27 currently-surviving consecutive match-ups dating to before 1941.
With that introduction, let's take a look at the longest-surviving uninterrupted match-ups in college football and which ones will be impacted this fall. As a quick aside, this of course all depends on how these records get counted going forward and whether a Spring 2020 season (if/when it happens) will be fully counted as the "2020" season, so I'll just add the caveat that these are uninterrupted fall meetings for now -- and assume that applies throughout.
Let me also preface this list by saying that while I tried to include all of the smaller FCS/DII conferences, I would be shocked if I didn't miss a few. If you notice any uninterrupted rivalry games missing from this list, please! -- let me know!
Matchup Current Streak Started Consecutive Years Played Playing Fall 2020? Source(s)
Lafayette Lafayette Lehigh Lehigh 1897 123 NO source
Minnesota Minnesota Wisconsin Wisconsin 1907 113 NO source
Clemson Clemson South Carolina South Carolina 1909 111 NO source
NC State NC State Wake Forest Wake Forest 1910 110 YES source
Oklahoma Oklahoma Oklahoma State Oklahoma State 1910 110 YES source
Kansas Kansas Kansas State Kansas State 1911 109 YES source
Iowa State Iowa State Kansas State Kansas State 1917 103 YES source
Michigan Michigan Ohio State Ohio State 1918 102 NO source
Brown Brown Yale Yale 1919 101 NO source
Cornell Cornell Dartmouth Dartmouth 1919 101 NO source
Cornell Cornell Pennsylvania Pennsylvania 1919 101 NO source
North Carolina North Carolina Virginia Virginia 1919 101 YES source
Columbia Columbia Cornell Cornell 1920 100 NO source
Indiana Indiana Purdue Purdue 1920 100 NO source
Duke Duke North Carolina North Carolina 1922 98 YES source
Dartmouth Dartmouth Yale Yale 1925 95 NO source
Georgia Georgia Georgia Tech Georgia Tech 1925 95 NO source
Illinois Illinois Northwestern Northwestern 1927 93 NO source
Navy Navy Notre Dame Notre Dame 1927 93 NO source
Oklahoma Oklahoma Texas Texas 1929 91 YES source
Army Army Navy Navy 1930 90 YES source
Iowa Iowa Minnesota Minnesota 1931 89 NO source
California California UCLA UCLA 1933 87 NO source
Morehouse Morehouse TuskegeeTuskegee 1936 84 NO source1
Southern California USC UCLA UCLA 1936 84 NO source
Colgate Colgate Cornell Cornell 1937 83 NO source
Columbia Columbia Dartmouth Dartmouth 1940 80 NO source
Columbia Columbia Pennsylvania Pennsylvania 1941 79 NO source
Columbia Columbia Yale Yale 1943 77 NO source
Alabama Alabama Mississippi State Mississippi State 1944 76 YES source
Alabama Alabama Tennessee Tennessee 1944 76 YES source
Auburn Auburn Georgia Georgia 1944 76 YES source
Florida Florida Georgia Georgia 1944 76 YES source
Kentucky Kentucky Tennessee Tennessee 1944 76 YES source
LSU LSU Mississippi State Mississippi State 1944 76 YES source
Mississippi State Mississippi State Ole Miss Ole Miss 1944 76 YES source
Richmond Richmond William & Mary William & Mary 1944 76 NO source
Washington Washington Washington State Washington State 1944 76 NO source
Alabama A&M Alabama A&M Alabama State Alabama State 1945 75 NO source
Baylor Baylor TCU TCU 1945 75 YES source
Brown Brown Harvard Harvard 1945 75 NO source
Cincinnati Cincinnati Miami (OH) Miami (OH) 1945 75 NO source
Dartmouth Dartmouth Princeton Princeton 1945 75 NO source
Harvard Harvard Yale Yale 1945 75 NO source
LSU LSU Ole Miss Ole Miss 1945 75 YES source
Miami (OH) Miami (OH) Ohio Ohio 1945 75 NO source
Michigan Michigan Michigan State Michigan State 1945 75 NO source
Oregon Oregon Oregon State Oregon State 1945 75 NO source
Princeton Princeton Yale Yale 1945 75 NO source
Tennessee Tennessee Vanderbilt Vanderbilt 1945 75 YES source
Washington Washington Washington State Washington State 1945 75 NO source
Arizona Arizona Arizona State Arizona State 1946 74 NO source
Brown Brown Princeton Princeton 1946 74 NO source
California California Stanford Stanford 1946 74 NO source
Colorado State Colorado State Wyoming Wyoming 1946 74 NO source
Dartmouth Dartmouth Harvard Harvard 1946 74 NO source
Harvard Harvard Princeton Princeton 1946 74 NO source
Montana Montana Montana State Montana State 1946 74 NO source
New Hampshire New Hampshire Maine Maine 1946 74 NO source
New Mexico New Mexico New Mexico State New Mexico State 1946 74 NO source
North Dakota State North Dakota State South Dakota State South Dakota State 1946 74 NO source
Notre Dame Notre Dame Southern California USC 1946 74 NO source
Sam Houston State Sam Houston State Stephen F. Austin Stephen F. Austin 1946 74 NO source
Southern California USC Stanford Stanford 1946 74 NO source
Albany State Albany State Fort Valley State Fort Valley State 1947 73 NO source
Alabama Alabama Auburn Auburn 1948 72 YES source
Bowling Green Bowling Green Toledo Toledo 1948 72 NO source
Columbia Columbia Harvard Harvard 1948 72 NO source
Cornell Cornell Yale Yale 1949 71 NO source
Cornell Cornell Princeton Princeton 1949 71 NO source
Brown Brown Pennsylvania Pennsylvania 1950 70 NO source
Bucknell Bucknell Lehigh Lehigh 1950 70 NO source
McNeese State McNeese Northwestern State Northwestern State 1951 69 NO source
Columbia Columbia Princeton Princeton 1952 68 NO source
Kentucky Kentucky Vanderbilt Vanderbilt 1953 67 YES source
North Carolina North Carolina NC State NC State 1953 67 YES source
Cornell Cornell Harvard Harvard 1954 66 NO source
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Princeton Princeton 1954 66 NO source
Brown Brown Cornell Cornell 1955 65 NO source
Brown Brown Dartmouth Dartmouth 1955 65 NO source
Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Syracuse Syracuse 1955 65 YES source
Baylor Baylor Texas Tech Texas Tech 1956 64 YES source
Dartmouth Dartmouth Pennsylvania Pennsylvania 1956 64 NO source
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Yale Yale 1956 64 NO source
Harvard Harvard Pennsylvania Pennsylvania 1956 64 NO source
Florida Florida Florida State Florida State 1958 62 NO source
Grambling State Grambling Southern Southern 1958 62 NO source
Jackson State Jackson State Southern Southern 1958 62 NO source
Texas Texas Texas Tech Texas Tech 1960 60 YES source
Alabama Alabama LSU LSU 1964 56 YES source
Georgia Georgia Vanderbilt Vanderbilt 1968 52 YES source
Florida State Florida State Miami Miami 1969 51 YES source
Iowa Iowa Iowa State Iowa State 1970 50 NO source
Ole Miss Ole Miss Vanderbilt Vanderbilt 1970 50 YES source
Virginia Virginia Virginia Tech Virginia Tech 1970 50 YES* source
Air Force Air Force Army Army 1971 49 YES source
Clemson Clemson NC State NC State 1971 49 NO source
Florida Florida LSU LSU 1971 49 YES source
Air Force Air Force Navy Navy 1972 48 YES source
*Game currently postponed
So, what does this all mean? I won't do a full re-hash of the chart, but I'll do some highlights and summaries of the important sections below.
As a side note, I kind of arbitrarily chose to end in 1972, but it has some justification that I'll get to later on. Really, though, it was mostly just because I felt like that was a decent stopping point.

Most Common Causes of Breaks Before Covid

So, what was the primary reason that most these consecutive game streaks last came to an end? And will it be beaten out by Covid, assuming Spring 2020 doesn't count/doesn't happen? I didn't do a fully exhaustive search (partly because some stuff was hard to find and partly because I got tired of looking, if we're being honest), but World War II ended the bulk of the streaks on this list, adding up to about 40 of the matches. The other factors aren't particularly close to matching that total, though World War I is probably the next closest, aside from generic scheduling conflicts/choosing not to schedule each other, with about 5 stoppages.
Other common factors included:
Other less common reasons for breaks that I found amusing included:


Discontinued Games

The teams and conferences that suffer the most from this are exactly who you'd expect it to be. The Ivy League, Big Ten, and Pac-12 are losing the most uninterrupted games, though the Patriot League, the SWAC, and the MAC are also losing some notable matches
By far the most notable game that will not be played this fall will be the LafayetteLafayette LehighLehigh match-up; it will be the first time in 123 years that the game won't be played in the fall. It was last forgone in 1896 due to a dispute over player eligibility; had it not been for that break in relations, The Rivalry would have dated back wholly uninterrupted to the two teams' first meeting in 1884, which would have been good for 136 consecutive years of playing.
The next oldest game not to be played this fall is the MinnesotaMinnesota WisconsinWisconsin game, followed by the ClemsonClemson South CarolinaSouth Carolina game, which has been played continuously since 1909, meaning the 2020 season will be the end of 3 of the longest-running continuous series in all of college football.
Finally, one game I hate to see go is the MorehouseMorehouse TuskegeeTuskegee match, which had previously been played continuously since 1936. I couldn't find a lot about the history of this series online very easily, but it's the longest-running HBCU match I could find. Several other historic HBCU rivalries ended temporarily fairly recently owing to the disbanding of Prairie View A&MPrairie View A&M for the 1990 football season.

Previously Unbroken Series

Unfortunately, Covid is putting an end to a few series which have previously met every year without interruption. Those matches include:

Non-Conference Games That Were Maintained

You've got to give a lot of credit to any ADs who managed to keep non-conference rivalry games going through all this. The only consecutive non-conference rivalry games that will survive undamaged are those belonging to three major service academies. Unfortunately, the Merchant MarinesMerchant Marine and the Coast GuardCoast Guard were not so fortunate, and have canceled their fall season.
The ArmyArmy, NavyNavy, and Air ForceAir Force managed to keep afloat their rivalries which have been played continuously since 1971/72 for the Air Force and since 1930 for the Army and Navy. This was possible only by the work of the Air Force, who, as of right now, will be playing only Army and Navy this fall, though the Mountain West Conference did recently announce a revised schedule which allows for 2 non-conference games, so this could change. Both ArmyArmy and NavyNavy are currently playing full schedules.
This was really the main reason I stopped making my list in 1972. That, and it lets me talk about the Textile Bowl (NC State vs Clemson). I'll discuss that in the following section.

Games Unlikely to Be Rescheduled

Though most of these games are intra-conference games that can be rescheduled in the Spring fairly easily, there are a few notable games that will almost certainly not be. Many of these games include teams who will both be playing this season, but will be playing in different conferences or unable to meet for other reasons. These games include:

Non-Conference Games Which Can (Probably) Be Rescheduled

While Conference games are possible to be scheduled fairly easily, there are a few non-conference games which will probably be resumed this Spring.


To answer that question I posed earlier (will Covid potentially impact more currently-consecutive football meetings than World War II), the answer is yes. While this is a bit disingenuous to say, since many otherwise-consecutive rivalry games impacted by World War II have stopped playing since the war for other reasons (looking at you, 2010-14 Conference Realignment), Covid will impact 66 otherwise-uninterrupted matches, while 32 will continue on. Of those 66 canceled matches, though, only the 9 listed above (under the are Unlikely to Be Rescheduled section) are, in my view, highly unlikely to be revived in the Spring, while the rest can continue on in the Spring if scheduling and Corona allow.
1 - I would like to find a more concise and formal source, but so far one has evaded me
2 - Several Minnesota-based athletic pages say that the cause was Teddy Roosevelt banning rivalry games in 1906; despite that, the only period explanation I've found for the break in the games was a June 1906 article about a ChicagoChicago MinnesotaMinnesota game scheduled for 1907, which said the 1906 match-up was prevented because "The big nine conference [Big 10 today], in forbidding games which established a western championship, did so on the ground that it brought about an unhealthy rivalry and stirred up improper spirit between the big educational institutions." Though the Big 9 could have chosen to do that because of threats by Roosevelt, the immediate cause was the conference's decision.
3 - Some sources disagree on this: At the time of their first athletic break, then-AD at BGSU said "Frankly, Toledo is too tough for us in football. We feel that we can no longer compete on even terms." However, there have also been references to players having "more trouble avoiding flying fists than avoiding blockers and tacklers" before the series was temporarily canceled as well. For a good write-up of the series, see here
Thanks to u/bullmoose_atx, u/bwburke94, u/drgnlis, and u/Graduation2017 for the corrections so far
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2020.09.05 07:00 LonghornMod [9/5/2020] Saturday's Off Topic Free Talk Thread

/LonghornNation Daily Off Topic Free Talk Thread

Today: 9/5/2020
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2020.09.01 01:49 missashley21 Advice from a Senior to Freshman

This is my last year at Davis and while it is not exactly as I pictured it, I am grateful for my experiences here and want to pass on some of what I learned to incoming freshman
  1. Take time for yourself! It's so important to have time to relax and rewind whether that's playing video games or spending time with friends. It's very easy to get burned out if you aren't taking some time to do what you want to do every once in a while.
  2. Think about joining a club that genuinely interests you. Davis seems to have a club for everything so whether you want to go full battle mode in Nerf club or dive into the wizarding world with Harry Potter club, you will make lifelong friends (even if it is awkward at first).
  3. Don't pull an all nighter studying. The sleep you get before a test is far more important than those few extra hours of studying at 3am.
  4. Talk to the person next to you. Davis can be lonely at times and it's hard to make new friends. One of the best things you can do is simply talk to the person next to you before/after class. Much of the time it doesn't go anywhere but every now and again you meet some awesome people.
  5. Don't be afraid to change your major. If you find that your major isn't what you love, don't be afraid to explore and find something you're passionate about. While changing you're major can set back graduation date, it is better than spending the rest of your life in a job you hate.
Feel free to add your own advice for incoming freshman in the comments below. Good luck this year Aggies!
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2020.08.29 15:00 Mautamu Season Wrap-Up & Future Plans

Season Wrap-Up & Future Plans
Howdy all,
Final map for season 1.
Thank you all for trying out the AggieRisk/RustRisk game this season. Congratulations to Raising Cane's for winning (on the anniversary of their founding, no less!).
If you want to keep up-to-date on Aggie Community/AggieRisk happenings, feel free to join the Aggie Discord Community.
The meme competition is still ongoing, results will be posted later today.
If you would like to help continue AggieRisk/RustRisk, we definitely need someone with good UI experience to help us improve the UI for next time. Feel free to check out the GitHub for more information.
Although we're still unsure of the topic of the next AggieRisk/RustRisk, we're targeting another season before the year is out. Apologies that this season was so short, the next one will likely be 14-21 days long.
Thanks again for playing! If you have a chance, please submit a post-season survey. It will help us improve for next time.
Shout out to u/-MrWrightt- and the other Cane's leaders for engaging in so much recruiting and keeping things moving, and to u/Kalrog for fixing a major issue in the back-end. Double thanks to all those who've pointed our attention to errors and potential improvements.
u/Mautamu, u/TxAg70, u/-MrWrightt- and your Aggie Community Discord mods
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2020.08.26 01:34 Krexington_III Performance Review, Part 1

My name is Jim. That could give you an idea of how uneventful my life is. Not actually - there are probably snowboarders and parajumpers and navy SEALs whose names are Jim. But if you tried to imagine the level of excitement in someone’s life with only the information that their name is Jim, you would imagine my life. Almost nothing of note happens to me. It is something I was, until very recently, grateful for.
I say almost nothing happens to me. That’s not strictly true. Two things out of the ordinary have happened to me. One, I landed my dream job. That happened about three years ago. I started working towards it before that, of course - I did an CFA certification, studied a lot, worked extra at a book café. And then, suddenly and with no fanfare, I had my certificate and became a comptroller for a big medical research company. Now you might be thinking “who has that as their dream job”? I get it. Cyril Figgis is a comptroller. Fun people don’t want to become comptrollers. And that is true of me as well. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve worked to keep my life uneventful. It seemed like I had succeeded for a while. And then the other thing happened to me.
It is now August of 2020. 8 months since the performance review.
My manager’s name is Agnieszka. She was born in Poland. Nobody in Harrisburg, PA knows how to say that so she goes by “Annie” and everybody calls her “Aggie” when she can’t hear it. Everybody but me. I was nervous about this particular performance review, because I had used quite a few sick days during the year. This has never happened before in my life - I don’t become sick. Just a few sniffles here and there. But in the summer of 2019 I did something uncharacteristic and rented a mountain bike for a peaceful trip in Stony Valley trail. It’s really nice there, you should go. In keeping with the image you have built of me so far, the Jim-ness of it all, I goofed and fell. Nothing major, I thought, but I did bump my head on a tree stump. It was fine at first, but I had migraine-like headaches. Sometimes when I sat at my desk at work or computer at home, I would suddenly see sunspots all over and not be able to see what I was doing. I would get drowsy, and fall asleep in odd places. I fell asleep in my shower and looked like a steamed dumpling when I awoke two hours later. Annie doesn’t like sick days. And probably not dumplings either.
The performance review went well. It went really well. At first. Annie complimented me on my work ethic. She said things about my “attention to detail” and my “uncanny memory for details”. She lauded my reports. And then she added:
“And not a single sick day in spite of your accident!”
Annie doesn’t like sick days.
“Excuse me, what?”, I said.
“No sick days. I mean, we didn’t count the days you called in as sick days of course.”
I felt relieved, naturally, but I still found it very odd. They had hired me because I’m a stickler for the small stuff. Because they are, and Annie is.
“Thank you so much, but... why?”
Annie laughed: “Because you still did all the work, Jim!”
I smiled, but something seemed wrong to me. This was not a meritocratic company. It was one of the things I liked about the company: it wasn’t more exciting, politics-wise, than “show up every day, get a raise at the end of the year”. My kind of excitement. I hadn’t shown up. She had to know that.
“That’s extremely generous, thanks a lot.”
Annie kept smiling, but also seemed a bit taken aback by this turn of the conversation.
“Since you came in anyway, we didn’t count them as sick days even though you called in. Do you want me to write them up as sick days? That’s a bit extreme even for you, don’t you think?”
“I came in anyway?”
“You called in sick, four times, and each time showed up and did your work. A bit dizzy with the migraines and all, but definitely all there mentally!”
This was not what had happened. I had fallen asleep in odd places, but I’d never woken up anywhere I couldn’t remember going. I was not suffering from fugues. My phone buzzed. I didn’t check it, I just smiled my most regular Jim-style smile and laughed it off:
“Maybe not all there mentally after all!”
She also laughed. But I could tell that she thought I was acting very strangely. It is hard to be in a situation where you’re acting strangely. You can’t stop acting strangely, because acting normally when things are strange is strange too. This was one of those moments. An event. I don’t like events, because they imply eventfulness. So I had to come clean.
“Ok I’m sorry, I just don’t remember it like that. I remember staying home.”
“Well, you were here. Does anyone else have your access card?”
“Of course not.”
“And you still believe that I recognize your face, right? You and I do speak every day.”
“I’m sorry. I must just be really confused.”
“Maybe you should have really taken those days off then.”
She was annoyed with me. I was annoyed with myself. All in all, it was a bad performance review.
“Yeah. Sorry.”
I got my 4.0% raise and left. I checked my phone. Message from my girlfriend saying “I love you <3”. The day was, by my standards, something of a roller coaster.
My girlfriend is Mary Patricia Linda Smith. If you’re into statistics or American demographics, you might giggle now - that is, statistically, the most common name you could have as a woman in the US. But also, if you’re into statistics or American demographics, you and I are having an “up up up!” moment right now. See, those are the three most common female given names and the most common surname. The combination isn’t all that common. “Up up up, Jim!” you were saying in your head, but you knew that I knew. Mary is the one who brought me mountain biking. She does stuff like that. Any stereotypes I urged you to have of me on the basis of my first name, would be a mistake to have with her on the basis of hers. She dyes her hair in odd colors, which she can do because she works at a book café. Yes, the one where I used to work. Yes, that’s where we met. Yes, we had an amazing moment where after a few months of butterflies and glances and the “no dating coworkers” policy of the café I could ask her out since I’d quit five minutes prior. It would all make a fantastic romcom if my life hadn’t turned into the hellscape of abject horror it currently is. I haven’t gotten to that part yet. Don’t worry, I will.
We had gotten into a fight shortly before the performance review. It was a very silly thing, mostly because of my nerves (I take my job seriously, it being my dream job) and a lack of sleep from the migraines. When we get into fights, usually we just spend a day apart and then it’s as if nothing had happened. It was like that this time, too. We met up at a pet store to buy some cat sand for her cats, which she needs some help to carry and load on the back of her bike so that we can walk to her place with the kitty litter precariously balanced on said bike. Then we usually watch a movie and cuddle. She immediately gave me a big hug, a big kiss on the jaw and then a big kiss proper. I was happy. We bought kitty litter. And during the regular stroll towards her apartment for the movie and cuddles, we talked about the performance review.
“It went very poorly”.
“How did it go poorly?”
She made a nasally robot voice when saying “poorly”. She finds it endlessly amusing that I phrase myself with precision.
“We talked about sick days, and -”
“Oh my god!”
“She didn’t count those, did she?!”
“What? I mean, no, but - “
“Because you went in!”
This caused me to stop rolling the bike forwards, which in turn meant she had to stop as well.
“Wait, you knew?”
“Knew what?”
“That I went in anyway?”
“Yes? You called me from work?”
I never call her from work.
“I did?”
She looked at me with a face of shock and confusion over the bike we were balancing between us. Then she started smiling. She was pulling my leg! That would be a pretty odd coincidence unless… unless they were both pranking me.
“Ha ha. Very funny.” I sneered.
“Ha ha what?”
“You are pranking me. Together with my boss.”
“That’s insane. I’ve never met your boss, and everything you’ve ever told me about her makes me think she wouldn’t be super into pranks?”
“Then how did you know?”
“Know what?
“That I went into work!”
“Because you called me!”
We were piping down and hissing to each other so as not to yell in the street. (Don’t do this; it is every bit as noticeable as actually yelling in the street.)
“Ok, let’s both just be calm. Why -”
“I’ll calm down if you calm down!”
“That’s what I said. Why were you smiling just then?”
“Because you are pulling my leg?”
“No! I mean, no. I’m not. I really don’t remember going into work those days.”
“But you did. Look.”
Angrily, she snatched her phone from her jacket pocket and started scrolling. Then she shoved it in my face.
“Look. Right there. Call, from your job number. September 9th.”
That was one of my sick days. I gently lowered her angrily shivering hand from my face.
“Ok. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry, that’s just really not what I remember.”
The anger had passed for both of us. She looked worried.
“You should probably get your head checked then. Like, for real with a CAT scan.”
“C.A.T. scan…”
“Nobody says that baby. Please call the doctor tomorrow?”
We went to her place. The kitty litter was indeed in dire need of changing.
I met with a doctor. He took my concerns very seriously. I was scheduled for a CAT scan. Unfortunately, other events transpired which made the CAT scan redundant and, indeed, impossible.
Ten days later, Mary had her birthday. The best way to buy gifts for Mary was to buy gifts for her cat, so that’s what I did - a little heart-shaped pendant for the cat’s collar and a “gift card” I made on a piece of hobby-grade paper that promised 10 free cat brushings. Her family, myself and her gathered at a fancy Japanese restaurant, gave her the gifts and had an all-around pleasant time. I noticed my mind wandering now and then, but her family has the image of me as a bit of an eccentric and they don’t mind that I seem distracted now and then. I think. During this dinner, Mary’s brother made a joke about implied habits of viewing pornography on his laptop, a joke featuring his browser history. I felt some excitement at this - I realized that I had binge watched all of “Boardwalk Empire” (it’s excellent, you should see it) on one of my sick days! It was pretty obvious in hindsight; Mary could place me at my workplace using her phone. I could hopefully place myself at my home with my laptop. Not foolproof - a person in a fugue state could of course leave “Boardwalk Empire” on whilst going to work. But I also knew that I’d deactivated the “play next episode automatically” feature on Netflix so it would only be the one episode. Pretty solid indication of whereabouts. Good idea. Genius brother.
“What are you so happy about”, Mary asked me immediately and with a smile as we stepped into her apartment. I’d agreed to spend the night.
“During the dinner? You seemed to have a eunuch moment!”
“Heureka moment.”, I answered distractedly. Her apartment was full of little things, ornaments and objects of esoteric use. Ouija boards and the like. It always smelled nice of something or other. There was a silence until I understood that I was missing something in the conversation, and when I looked back to her she was smiling from ear to ear.
“Ah, right. You know about heureka moments, as you are literate.” I said in a mechanical fashion intended to convey the realization that I had indeed been having a bit of an introverted moment just then. It made her laugh.
“You’re such a fucking aspie!”
“Hey now. It’s fucking autist nowadays.”
“Awww, no more aspies?”
“They are indeed no more. All gone home to the planet Asp.”
“Will we ever see them again?”
“This remains to be seen. The probability is 0.013.”
During this exchange, she had been closing in on me and wound up dangerously close.
“I am going to take a short little bath. And then we are going to fuck on the couch.”
She laughed again, and tore away from me to head for the bathroom. I plonked down on her couch, and reached for a book from a pile on the floor. I noticed a bouquet of dried lavender in a holder on the living room table. That was what was smelling so nice.
“Hey is this a new thing? Lavender?” I yelled into the bathroom.
“No I’m pretty sure it’s been around since like, the dinosaurs.”
There was water running out in the bathroom now, and all the crummy pipes in the old walls of her apartment were playing a flute-like little symphony.
“I mean particularly in your apartment?”
She appeared again, now dressed in nothing. She looked at me, and seemed to beam a little.
“I love a lot of things about you. But I especially love the way you apologize.”
“Apologize for what?”
Her smile died very, very slowly. I blinked several times.
“Baby, are you saying you don’t remember giving me this?”
“I… I don’t.”
“Oh my god.”
“I’m... sorry?”
“What do you think you did yesterday?”
“I just remember we had… you were angry with me for working overtime again when I promised we would go to a movie?”
“That was the day before.”
“Yeah, and then… and then I left you alone for a day. That’s what I always do.”
“Oh my fucking god.”
The room was deathly silent except for the running water and the wall-flutes.
“It… isn’t?”
“It isn’t.”
I stood up abruptly. My chest had started hurting and the room suddenly seemed unbearably warm.
“Where are you going?”, Mary demanded. There was a hint of panic in her voice.
“I’m going home to check my browser history.”
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2020.08.17 20:23 HotPieIsAzorAhai HCC and Evangelical suggestions

A few suggestions to make the HCC more interesting, as well as reduce its blobbing slightly.

First and foremost, I want to discuss the biggest issue I've seen with the HCC: Magnolia. I consider the situation in Magnolia to be an issue because of how it plays out every game, which is that the ai HCC very quickly absorbs Magnolia within a handful of years, often getting most of it in the first year. This is one of the things that causes the HCC to blob so easily, and crucially it makes that area of the map much less interesting. There are two reasons this happens so quickly, so easily, and so consistently. The first is that Magnolia is de jure part of the HCC. The second is that most of the rulers are duke tier or lower evangelicals, allowing the HCC to offer vassalization to most of the rulers and have them readily accept if the emperor has decent diplomacy, and conduct force vassalization wars and claim wars against the one or two that reject vassalization. The single county guy and the duke level theocracy often swear fealty before August 2666. There isn't much of a point in having these be separate realms if they so consistently just end up part of the HCC almost immediately.
There are, two options that can solve this problem. Each would work somewhat on its own, but I think doing both would be best as they help with other things as well.
First is to switch Magnolia from de jure HCC to de jure Gulf Coast. Gulf Coast already requires Magnolia to form, and the HCC is still an enormous empire without it. It also neatly aligns the HCC's de jure kingdoms with those they control de facto. Doing this will make it more difficult for the HCC to immediately vassalize the realms of Magnolia, as well as prevent them from immediately pressing a slew of claims to quickly conquer the region. I think this does a lot to solve the issue, resulting in the HCC blobbing a bit less and becoming even more powerful immediately out of the gate, while allowing the area to have more interesting things happen. A decision to incorporate Magnolia into the HCC de jure can be added, to match those for Louisiana and Florida.
The second fix is to change the religions of some of the realms of Magnolia, which would make the lords there less likely to accept vassalization. They would need to still be Christian and not evangelical heresies to prevent the HCC from just holy warring them, and I do not think all should change. My suggestion is to make them a mix of Evangelical and Catholic. I say Catholic because New Orleans is a holy site for Catholicism, and putting some Catholic rulers near to it in Magnolia would help reflect the importance of the area to Catholicism after the end. This would also enable another change, to extend Evangelicalism into Texas. Texas, despite being in our times a bastion of Protestant Christianity, has no Evangelicals at game start. I suggest changing some of the duchies in East Texas to Evangelical, which would give some more variety to Texas and spice up the political situation there. Making the Aggies Evangelical would add to the rivalry with the Longhorns, and reflect Houston's mega churches. Metroplex would be another good spot. I would also suggest moving a holy site from Philadelphia to Houston, to give Evangelical rulers a reason to turn their gaze to Texas. This raises the number of holy sites controlled by evangelicals at the start, but below I suggest how this can be accounted for.
To make grabbing these holy sites more important, the Reformation event can be made more likely to progress past the initial stages, and the first time it fires it can have a high likelihood on causing the Aggies to flip heretical. This would offset the change of holy site from Philly to Houston to occasionally knock the controlled holy sites back down to 3. A more dangerous reformation event chain (more likelihood of succeeding and destabilizing the HCC) would also help reduce the chances of the big grey blob just getting bigger and more stable as the game progresses. I also think that it should be something that can happen multiple times, and be more likely the fewer holy sites that are controlled by Evangelicals. Conversely, it should be very unlikely should Evangelicals control all five holy sites, and disabled so long as the HCC itself controls all five sites. Additionally, the Council Presidency should not be tied to Atlanta, but awarded by election to one of the five Patriarchs (evangelical bishops who control a holy site). It could use the papal elective system, but allow voting only for the Patriarchs and not all "cardinals", or give the patriarchs a significant bonus that ensures that one of them will be elected (a +1000 for electors to consider). This would allow the HCC emperor to influence who can become Council President, as ensuring a friendly Council President should be important.
Why should that be important? Because the Council President should have the potential to be a thorn in the Emperor's side. The HCC is a hybrid expy of the HRE and ERE in vanilla, but one of the reasons it always gets so out of hand is that it lacks the pressures that can destabilize those two realms. The devs finally added the 4th Crusade that can target the HCC (with more stringent requirements than what the ERE faces in vanilla), but in vanilla the ERE, even in its early start dates when it is a vast realm, faces powerful Muslim states nearby that threaten to conquer it and compete with it for expansion (especially in the 1066 start), while the HRE faces the threat posed by the Pope, who can derail a dynasty by excommunicating the Emperor, granting claims against him, or demanding sections of Italy. The HCC as faces no serious, or even moderately threatening, external threats, and has a complaint and defanged religious head. My solution is to allow this state of affairs to persist so long as the Council President is a vassal of the HCC, which he will be whenever a patriarch that is vassal to the HCC is elected. When the Council President is NOT a vassal of the HCC, however, they will be able to make life difficult for the emperor as they try to wrest influence from him. While autocephaly means a Council President not in the HCC will not be able to excommunicate the emperor or grant claims, there are other options to undermine the emperor's authority. Such a council president could demand that theocratic electors vote for another dynasty upon succession, could ask for money or for the emperor to fight a war and declare him unfaithful if he refuses (result in a vassal relations penalty), refuse to crown the emperor (the HCC should really have this mechanic), or even declare an immoral emperor to be unfit to lead the faithful which would create an even larger opinion malus and likely lead to a civil war to install another claimant. Additionally, this internal conflict within evangelicalism should be represented by two competing branches of thought, those who believe that the HCC and its emperor are the rightful defenders and leaders of the united Evangelical community, and those who speak of local control and independence from central authority being founding principles of American Protestantism. Adherents of the former philosophy could be called Mainliners, and gain a +10 relations bonus with the emperor (both ways), a bonus to being elected emperor, be prevented from joining independence factions, and get a reduced revolt risk in their territories. Adherents of the latter philosophy could be called Reformationists, and they would receive a -10 relations malus with the emperor (both ways), a malus to being elected emperor, be more likely to join independence factions, be less likely to accept vassalization, and get an intrigue bonus. Rulers can change their stance at any time, with a cool down, and are influenced by the stance of the Council President, how much they like the Council President, how much they like the Emperor, whether they are independent from the HCC (no weighting if within the HCC, but weighted in favor of Reformationism if not), how many holy sites the HCC controls (with an equal weight at 3, weighted more towards Reformationism if fewer are controlled and more towards Mainliner if more are controlled). The emperor should be able to influence his direct vassals to become mainliners (via decision, and in exchange for something). Theocratic evangelical rulers that are not in the HCC should always be Reformationist, while those withing should usually be Mainliner.

I think this would add a lot to Evangelicalism and the HCC, making that whole corner of the map more interesting, while also adding a slight bit more spice to Texas (which is already going to get a lot more interesting thanks to ballgownviking).
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2020.08.03 21:53 DixonCiderLover Equitable Access: How to Guide on Opting- Out

Hey everyone,
I thought there wasn't enough info out on the Equitable Access page for when or how to opt-out of Equitable Access. The opt-out link for Equitable Access will be available on August 25th on your myBill account which can be accessed via your "myUCDavis" account and clicking the options under the "Finances" tab. You can opt-out by going to your logged-in myBill home page and clicking the link in the Announcements section which will be available on August 25th. This link will redirect you to a page where using an automated email you'll follow the steps to opt-out. Feel free to add more info in the comments if I missed anything.
NOTE: Don't forget to fill out your UC Davis SHIP waivers if you're planning on using your own medical insurance. Cheers Aggies!
EDIT: Equitable Access reached out to me about the opt-out date being changed to August 25th instead.
EDIT2: Thank you so much for the awards! Hopefully more people will be able to see the post since the mods haven’t pinned it :)
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2020.08.03 09:23 mobaisle_writing Chrissie

Hey, me.
You’re Chrissie. Remember?
God, I hope you do, I hope I do. But it’s hard to tell. So very hard, especially of late, things are getting worse. Or different, they tell me to use ‘different’. So that I can learn to adapt, I suppose. Push the defeatist mindset and all that.
I should have said, I’m writing this with Dr. Penny Agata. From the Salisbury clinic. She’s been so great to you. Me. Us, let’s stick with us. But she told me to just say it natural, in the hope we’ll recognise our tone.
Must’ve been months now, since the surgery. Over a year since the accident.
Back in January of 20XX, you noticed.
I know, it’s ridiculous. But please believe the note, believe us. Check the TV, check the phone by your bed. The PIN is written on the inside cover of the case. The gap in time might be scary, but you have to go with it.
We were driving the green Ford Fiesta. We loved that car. Aggy said we’d remember stuff from before more reliably. Either way, we crashed. Overturned even. Flipped the car at twenty five on a residential street.
Wheel rolled up a parked car and there we were. Dangling from the seatbelt. Lucky we didn’t choke really.
The tests followed after that. Sparked by the insurance. The eyetest came back first. Said peripheral vision had shrunk by as much as sixty percent. Can you imagine that?
We’d just been feeling clumsy. But you know, always been like that. Long as you used to remember.
It snowballed from there. We couldn’t count the specialists even at the time. They flew through, referral after referral as we bounced between facility and testing room alike. A new case, they said. Something about the specific type of the growth lent a perverted air to their mutterings. One that marked our sick slow slide from patient to specimen.
They were loathe to call it cancer.
But it was gonna kill us all the same.
The surgeons were hesitant. Said there was always gonna be some risk. Said the angle of entry would be complex. Said a lot of things.
We half listened. Probably wouldn’t have mattered either way, but it was just so hard to follow. And the headaches, oh the pain. It was endless. The pressure grew as our new and unwelcome visitor made its weight known.
Then Surgeon Clarence Winston-Hewitt appeared.
He was so slick.
So confident. So endlessly confident.
But by that point, it was what we wanted to hear. What we had longed for, for so many terrible months. Anything would have been a relief.
We agreed to the surgery.
Waking up from the sickening haze the relief washed through us like a flood. It was like being reborn. Renewed.
Time would tell how dreadfully accurate that was.
I think it was around the discharge that the nurses started noticing something was off. We’d forget the time at first. Maybe the exact day of the week. Leave things in the wrong pocket.
Those little niggling hints that something wasn’t quite right.
Put down to stress. Those bastards. Never listen to women, do they?
‘Over adaptation to institutionalised behaviour.’
‘Reliance on the hospital system.’
‘Independence would soon return.’
Well it didn’t. The first house call we nearly stabbed the orderly. We’d forgotten he was coming. Forgotten there was any reason for him to come.
Aftercare had been transferred to a different surgery. Of course. They never once picked up your calls.
But Aggy took us in. Helped us understand what was happening. Helped us dig up the truth.
He’d never followed advice. Even as a resident. For us he’d picked a different direction. Just a few degrees in entry different and he’d changed our whole outcome. He’d taken the tumour, sure. But he’d taken away something else, too.
I can’t explain it, and you wouldn’t believe me anyway. Call Aggy.
Please, please, a hundred times please.
She can explain again. She’ll help.
You’ve got to fight on. You’ve got to take down that bastard if it’s the last thing we do. I’m begging you.
Look at the stains on this letter and feel the tears on your face we’ve woken up mornings like this the note the book for months and months and months and it’s not ok. It’s not ok at all.
Pick yourself up.
Dust yourself off.
It’s all we’ve got left.
To myself,
Chrissie Flannigan
Originally written for the prompt:
This morning you found a note in your own handwriting, glued on the bathroom mirror and dated nine months in the future. “You suffer short-term memory loss and you are sueing the surgeon who caused this by operating on the wrong side of your brain; check your diary under the bed .”
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2020.07.31 07:00 LonghornMod [7/31/2020] Friday's Off Topic Free Talk Thread

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  2. The South End Zone Is Looking Good
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2020.07.30 14:17 hackzubbard 2021 Alabama Preseason Defensive Big Board and Predictions

Said I was gonna wait but got it done and said screw it. So here's the Defense + Special Teams + Hypotethical Remaining Spot

DL - 2
Current DLs: 12 (Ideal is 9+)
Potential Departures: 1-2
2021 Needs: 1-3 more (2 Commited)
Overview: Defensive Line is not a huge need in 2021 but it's a position you always want to add to and there are several quality options to add to Alabama's current haul
Name Rank Top Schools (List within the List) Commitment Buzz Projections
1. Damon Payne 5* (#14, #1 DT (Alabama Kentucky, USC, ASU Damon Payne is a quick-twitch internal pass rusher, with physicality to move offensive linemen with ease, a la Quinnen Williams. Payne chose not to go to the big boy Midwestern programs and branched outword, choosing Alabama due to his close relationship with Charles Huff and new DL coach Freddie Roach. 100% Alabama
2. Anquin Barnes 3* (#489, #32 DT) Alabama Anquin Barnes is a space-eating DL, who chose Alabama over Auburn and Tennessee. He's a bit of a project but could very well be a solid rotational player in the coming years, especially in the base package. 100% Alabama

Name Rank Top Schools (List within the List) Recruiting Buzz Projections
Tier 1
1. Shermar Turner 4* (#117, #10 SDE (Alabama, Texas) TAMU LSU, UGA Turner is a long, explosive D-lineman from Texas and is highly sought-after amongst the big boys in the area. Turner doesn't talk much and is not planning on commiting soon but both Alabama and Texas feel great about their chances, with TAMU a solid 3rd option. Turner wants to take all 5 OVs but could be another to move up his timeline with the on-campus options for fall sports in flux. As of now, I think Bama lands him. 60% Alabama, 30% Texas, 10% TAMU
2. Shambre Jackson 4* (#220, #17 SDE) (FSU, Alabama) Auburn, LSU, Oklahoma Shambre Jackson is a Florida defensive end with good hands and a very fluid motion in getting around offensive linemen. Shambre is another guy not super involved in recruiting, really just taking it easy, but he has divluged FSU and Alabama as his top 2. Alabama certainly still have interest but is maybe not pushing as hard as the Seminoles, who have Jackson as a top defensive target for them. It's fairly even but I think FSU has the edge if he was picking today. 60% FSU, 40% Alabama
3. Ohio State Commit Tunmise Adeleye 4* (#30, #4 SDE) (Ohio State) Alabama, Florida Tunmise Adeleye is one of Ohio State's top commits, another IMG prospect, and a physical and fluid athlete on the defensive line. Oklahoma, Alabama, and Florida all felt good at some point over the past year prior to his commitment to Ohio State but sources on all sides content he would be the most likely to re-open his recruitment amongst the current OSU commits. Adeleye seems fairly solid to Ohio State but will have Alabama guys in his ear at IMG and the addition of J.T. Tuimoloau to the Buckeyes is theorized to be a potential force to get Adeleye to re-open, where Alabama would be in a prime spot due to other IMG kids in his ear. Definitely one to watch until he signs. 70% Ohio State, 30% Alabama
4. Maason Smith 5* (#19, #2 DT) (LSU, Alabama, UGA) USC, Florida Maason Smith is a dominant Louisiana defensive tackle, excelling both in plugging gaps as well as getting to the QB, and has the highest floor of the 2021 class IMO. Smith has fielded interest from UGA and Alabama but he's almost destined to end up at LSU. He's good friends with Korey Foreman and while Foreman is trying to get him to consider USC, Smith is one of the main reasons LSU has moved into Foreman's top 2/3 100% LSU
5. Monkell Goodwine 4* (#112, #9 SDE) (Alabama, TAMU) Clemson, ASU, Kentucky Monkell Goodwine is a defensive end out of the DMV area and another guy high on Alabama. TAMU and Alabama make up the top 2 fairly definitively and it's been reported that Goodwine would favor Alabama in this scenario. However, Alabama was not pushing as hard as TAMU sothe Aggies were the leader at this point in the process. Well, things change and as of last night, 70% Alabama, 30% TAMU
6. Florida Commit Tyreak Sapp 4* (#95, #7 SDE) (Florida) Alabama, Miami, GT, Ohio State Tyreak Sapp is another highly-sought DL on Alabama's radar. Despite being the top commitment for the Gators, Tyreak recently released a top 5, a move Gator fans characterized as "not great." Alabama is seen as one of the primary flip targets but has him lower on the list due to academic issues that need to be sorted out. Besides that, a good overall player. 85% Florida, 10% JUCO, 5% Alabama
7. Tim Keenan 4* (#327, #19 DT) (Alabama, UGA) LSU, Oregon, Florida Tim Keenan is an in-state option on the defensive line and a true 0-tech nose guard type. Alabama was thought to be the heavy favorite for Keenan but with Payne in the fold and the abundance of nose guard types already on the roster, Keenan has fallen down the list. Look for UGA to take advantage here. 75% UGA, 25% Alabama
8. J.T. Tuimoloau 5* (#2, #2 SDE) (Ohio State, Oregon, Washington) Alabama, USC, Oklahoma, Michigan J.T. Tuimoloau is the #2 prospect in the nation and a dominant pass rusher on the edge and in the middle. Ohio State has been seen as a consistent favorite but sources have continued to state that J.T. is still fairly open. In-state Washington is pulling out all the stops, USC is trying to renew their West Coast dominance, and Mario Cristobal's Oregon is playing more and more of a factor. Ohio State is likely still the leader, followed by the Ducks, but Alabama has quietly climbed further and further into this race, with sources now saying the Tide is likely in the top 3/4 of his list. Tuimoloau is still looking to take visits so all these teams have time and Alabama will continue to be a factor here. 60% Ohio State, 20% Washington, 20% Oregon
9. Auburn Commit Lee Hunter 4* (#41, #6 DT) (Auburn) Alabama, UGA Lee Hunter is another defensive prospect who excels both inside and out and is a guy the staff really covets. As an in-state guy, Hunter commited early to Auburn, following their impressive D-line from last season, and has been pretty solid, especially with the visit shutdown. Alabama has been working here, using Deontae Lawson as a primary flip recruiter, but I don't see it. 100% Auburn
Tier 2
10. Korey Foreman 5* (#1, #1 SDE) (USC, LSU, UGA) Alabama, Clemson, Oregon, Howard Korey Foreman is the #1 overall prospect and the 1st Clemson decommit in 4 years. Foreman opened his recruitment back up and almost immediatelt had a new list of suitors. USC became the early favorite, as the hometown team and a program with which he has numerous connections but UGA and LSU both are right there and are very legit options, with some saying he may prefer to play in the SEC. Alabama not a real player here currently and needs a visit to even be competitive here. USC is still the pick but LSU/UGA would not be surprising at all. 40% USC, 35% LSU, 25% UGA
11. Tyleik Williams 4* (#159, #10 DT) (VT) South Carolina, Alabama, LSU, Ohio State Tyleik Williams is another prospect Alabama has stayed in touch with but with abundance of options, I don't see Alabama pushing. VT is the favorite. 100% VT

DL Prediction: Damon Payne, Anquin Barnes, Monkell Goodwine, and one of TurneAdeleye

ILB - 5
Current ILBs: 8 (Ideal is 6+)
Potential Departures: 2
2021 Needs: 0 more (3 Commited)
Overview: ILB, for the past few years, has been a position Alabama fans have circled in their minds, citing poor talent, poor teaching, insufficient numbers or any combo of the 3. Have no fear, Bama fans, as Alabama will add 3 high-quality prospects to a phoenix-esque ILB room.
Name Rank Top Schools (List within the List) Commitment Buzz Projections
1. Deontae Lawson 4* (#110, #5 ILB) Alabama Deontae Lawson is an elite ILB (top 50 IMO), who triumphs in space and versus the run and will be a nice Mack Wilson to 2020's Dylan Moses in Demouy Kennedy. Deontae Lawson has been the longest-tenured commitment and has been an casual recruit in-state, working on now-commit Ian Jackson and Auburn commit Lee Hunter. 100% Alabama
2. Kendrick Blackshire 4* (#149, #6 ILB) Alabama Kendrick Blackshire is a specimen of an ILB, laying the lumber in the run game and intimidating any offensive player in open space, with a similar build to Reggie Ragland. Blackshire has been a bigger guy throughout his high school career and missed his whole junior season, so both his high school staff and the Alabama staff will seek to slim him out to some degree. Blackshire was particularly drawn to Alabama's new S&C program and its attention to ACL recovery, leading to his commitment to Alabama over LSU and Oklahoma. 100% Alabama
3. Ian Jackson 4* (#309, #25 OLB) Alabama Ian Jackson is an underrated addition to the class, who projects as an "Isaiah Simmons - type", having the ability to play ILB primarily with snaps at Money and S as well as pass-rushing options. Ian's a quick kid, plays smart and shows good fundamentals in tackling that will allow him to shine early on special teams. Alabama plucked Jackson away from LSU, UGA, and Auburn early on and he's one of my favorite additions as a modern defensive player. 100% Alabama

ILB Prediction: Deontae Lawson, Ian Jackson, and Kendrick Blackshire

OLB - 6
Current OLBs: 9 (Ideal is 6+)
Potential Departures: 1-2
2021 Needs: 0-1 more (1 Commited)
Overview: After last year's historic haul, OLB is lower on the list of needs. Despite this, Alabama is searching for talent, with one commited and only a couple targets left for a potential additional spot.
Name Rank Top Schools (List within the List) Commitment Buzz Projections
1. Dallas Turner 4* (#43, #2 WDE) Alabama Dallas Turner is a South Florida edge rusher that knows one thing: get to the QB. Turner might be the best pure pass rusher in the 2021 class, in what some may consider a down year at the position. UGA was the early favorite but Alabama persisted, maintaining a greater comfort level with the Turners, who were turned off by some of UGA's recruiting tactics. Big win for the Tide. 100% Alabama
Name Rank Top Schools (List within the List) Recruiting Buzz Projections
1. Xavian Sorey 4* (#63, #5 OLB) (Alabama, UGA, Florida) Auburn, LSU Xavian Sorey is a top Alabama target still on the board and my top overall ATH in the 2021 class. Sorey was a Swiss army knife for his high school team playing ILB, OLB, S, TE, QB, WR, and RB!!! Most colleges project him either as primarily ILB or OLB but wherever he goes, he'll play multiple spots. Kid is part Isaiah Simmons, part Rashaan Evans, part Jabrill Peppers. Alabama is favoring OLB while UGA and Florida favor ILB but we'll do everything from either position. UGA/Florida likely show a greater path to playing time but Sorey has his closest relationship with Alabama's staff, primarily Sal Sunseri. All 3 schools have IMG commits that will peer recruit Sorey. UGA (and Florida to some extent) has surged her but Alabama is still in a good spot and will be the pick as of today, with plenty of time on the clock for a February decision. 50% Alabama, 40% UGA, 10% Florida
2. Jeremiah Williams 4* (#103, #6 WDE) (Auburn, Florida) Alabama, Oklahoma Jeremiah Williams is an in-state linebacker who has a very high ceiling both rushing the passer at OLB while maybe also playing a modern ILB role. Alabama was a factor early but has faded down the stretch, as Auburn/Florida battle it out, for a commitment that has now been delayed 50% Auburn, 50% Florida

OLB Prediction: Dallas Turner and Xavian Sorey

DB - 9
Current DBs: 14 (Ideal is 7-8 CBs and 6-7 S) - 7 CB/7 S
Potential Departures: 2-4
2021 Needs: 1-3 more (3 Commited)
Overview: After numerous large DB classes the past few years, this year's DB class will continue to add numbers, as Alabama will try to add numerous elite secondary defenders to counter an increasingly pass-happy CFB.
Name Rank Top Schools (List within the List) Commitment Buzz Projections
1. Kaine Williams - EE 4* (#153, #6 S Alabama Kaine Williams is a solid-framed safety, who offers options both at his aformentioned position as well as ILB. Kaine is really good in coverage and has active hands to create turnovers. Alabama won over LSU after Alabama gave him the green light to commit while LSU was more heisitant, with another safety commited in the class 100% Alabama
2. Kadarius Calloway 3* (#364, #24 ATH/S) Alabama Kadarius Calloway was a surprise commit, flipping from Miss State to Alabama after the Starkville coaching change. Calloway is a bit underrated currently, flashing 4* potential as a moldable athlete, thriving on the gridiron as a WCB while projecting at S/Star at the college level. Accepting his commitment with the other DB targets on the board speaks highly of how the staff views him. 100% Alabama
3. Devonta Smith 3* (#401, #29 CB) Alabama Another DB flip, Alabama got this Ohio native to switch from Ohio State to the Tide. Smith offers a solid option at both outside CB and Star and should be another riser in the rankings (recurring theme, I know) 100% Alabama
Name Rank Top Schools (List within the List) Recruiting Buzz Projections
Tier 1
1. Ga'Quincy "Koolaid" McKinstry - EE 5* (#22, #1 CB) (Alabama, Auburn) LSU Ga'Quincy "Koolaid" McKinstry is the top player in Alabama this cycle and arguably the top remaining defensive target on the board. Koolaid isn't the tallest DB you'll see but his speed and athleticism allow him to cover better than a lot of guys who beat him on a measuring tape. Koolaid is down to a top 3 and it's important to note how serious he is about playing basketball at the next level, which LSU is not selling as hard and is therefore the definitive 3rd option. So, it's an Alabama/Auburn battle and Auburn is throwing everything at him: selling basketball harder than anyone, telling him he can play WR and CB, selling their shiny new 1st round DB from last draft. Alabama still feels good here and has for a good while, so most people still think Alabama, with Auburn very close. Koolaid has had coaches on both sides of the rivalry and is very open about going wherever he wants. There's no timeline so hard to say how much time teams have to sell their program. It's Alabama as of today but Auburn is right there in a big way. 50% Alabama, 50% Auburn
2. Terrion Arnold 4* (#186, #9 S) (Alabama, FSU, Florida) LSU, UGA, Tennessee Terrion Arnold, as I've said before, might be the top DB option on the board if he was a straight CB. Regardless, he's one of Coach Saban's favorites and a cycle and the rare athlete that can play any spot in the defense. Terrion has been pretty open and taking his time and enjoying the process but Alabama is still thought to have a good lead here, with local FSU as the prime competition. UGA and Florida could become greater factors down the line but it's still all Bama right now. 75% Alabama, 15% UGA, 10% FSU
3. Jason Marshall 5* (#29, #2 CB) (Florida, Alabama) Miami, LSU, Oregon Despite being #3 on the list, South Florida DB Jason Marshall could end up being the most important DB on the board, if he were to commit. Marshall has hinted at a potential 8/1 commitment but has not finalized anything and has said nothing since. Originally a Florida lean, Alabama surged significantly over the past few weeks and Miami has surged also to some extent after James Williams commited and Leonard Taylor looks prime to go to The U as well. Sources with Alabama and Florida are still reporting a FL/Bama battle, Bama feels in it but confidence is all over the place. Florida sources don't have a solid idea here but think Alabama would prefer a delayed commitment schedule. So, not a lot of info and one to watch moving into August and the months beyond. 45% Florida, 40% Alabama, 15% Miami
4. Khyree Jackson 3* (#5, #3 JUCO CB) (Alabama) Oklahoma, Florida, Oregon Khyree Jackson is a JUCO CB and a TOP option for cornerback. I'm usually skeptical of JUCO guys in general but this guy is REAL: 6'4", muscular, rangey but still fast, tons of burst in short spaces, a really really good player. Khyree went ahead and set a commitment date for 8/15 and Alabama is a sizable favorite, with his HC explicitly saying Jackson wants to be at Alabama. The ball is in the staff's court and it looks like Jackson has the green light 100% Alabama
5. Jardin Gilbert 3* (#362, #24 S) (Alabama) LSU Jardin Gilbert is a physical and long safety prospect out of Cajun country. LSU has not offered, so Alabama is seen as a presumed favorite, but he's essentially LSU's to lose if they offer 34% Somewhere Else, 33% LSU, 33% Alabama
Tier 2
6. De'Jahn Warren 4* (#2, #1 JUCO CB (Penn State, UGA, Oklahoma) Tennessee, Alabama, Maryland De'Jahn Warren is another JUCO DB prospect out of Maryland. With Khyree Jackson a likely addition, the mutual interest is minimal and this is a Penn State/UGA battle 50% UGA, 50% Penn State
7. Sage Ryan 4* (#38, #1 S) (LSU) Alabama, FSU Sage Ryan is another elith prospect in the 2021 class who can play multiple DB positions. As a Louisiana native and with family on the staff, he's LSU bound 100% LSU
8. Oregon Commit Jadarrius Perkins 3* (#6, #3 JUCO CB) (Oregon) Alabama Yet another JUCO option, Perkins is already commited and will likely stay so. 100% Oregon

DB Predictions: Kaine Williams, Kadarius Calloway, Devonta Smith, Khyree Jackson, Terrion Arnold and one of Koolaid/Jason Marshall

Conclusions: Alabama is still in the hunt for numerous top guys and has a few more needs, particularly at cornerback.

Specialist Note: Alabama was looking for a scholarship LS with Rocco Underwood but he commited to UF, so they may look for another and just have a walk on be LS. With Skyler Delong potentially on the move, another kickepunter could be added on scholarship.

Hypotheticals: My predictions had 10 offensive commits and 15 defensive commits for 25 total. Alabama can take 26-27 this year so they have room for some extra room. Here are the extra slots and some names for who could fill them
  1. Optional 1st QB - (Luke AltmyeJalen Milroe/Lower Options)
  2. Optional 5th DL (Shemar TurneShambre Jackson/Tunmise Adeleye/Tim Keenan)
  3. Optional 1st Spec (LS or Punter)
  4. Optional 2nd TE (Michael Trigg/Jalen Shead)
  5. Optional 1st RB (Armoni Goodwin/Tysheem Johnson)
As always, feel free to ask questions
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2020.07.27 12:48 27JJulbarium Are There Any Actual Da-ting We-bsites ?

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2020.07.25 22:44 CFB_Referee Team COVID-19 Numbers and Results

This post is a living tracker of ongoing tests for college football programs nationwide, updated as new information appears. Please note: due to the existence of this tracker individual posts regarding testing at individual programs will be removed. If there is out-of-date information, please comment below or contact the mod team to provide an updated source. Thank you and stay safe.
Many departments are releasing only "athletics" numbers without separating by sport - we've included that in a separate column below and will update as additional information arises.

American American

Team Active Player Cases Staff Cases Athletics Cases As of...
Cincinnati --- --- --- ---
ECU --- --- 27 July 14
Houston --- --- 6 Jun 12
Memphis --- 1 3 Jun 25
Navy --- --- --- ---
SMU 0 --- 5 Jun 17
Temple --- --- --- ---
Tulane --- --- --- ---
Tulsa --- 1 3 Jun 29
UCF 3 --- --- Jun 9
USF 3 --- --- Jun 17


Team Active Player Cases Staff Cases Athletics Cases As of...
Boston College 1 --- --- Jul 2
Clemson 37 --- --- Jun 26
Duke --- --- --- ---
Florida State 1+ --- --- Jun 9
Georgia Tech --- 3 7 Jul 10
Louisville 0 --- 3 Jul 7
Miami 3+ --- --- Jul 16
NC State --- --- 5 Jul 9
North Carolina --- --- 37 Jul 8
Pittsburgh --- --- --- Not reporting.
Syracuse --- --- --- ---
Virginia 3 --- --- Jul 24
Virginia Tech --- --- --- ---
Wake Forest --- --- --- ---

Big 12 Big 12

Team Active Player Cases Staff Cases Athletics Cases As of...
Baylor --- --- 16 Jul 13
Iowa State --- --- 6 Jul 20
Kansas --- --- 4 Jul 23
Kansas State 6 --- --- Jun 17
Oklahoma 0 0 --- Jul 22
Oklahoma State 14 --- --- Jun 29
TCU --- --- --- ---
Texas 13 --- --- Jun 18
Texas Tech 2 --- --- Jun 26
West Virginia 28 --- --- Jul 19

Big Ten Big Ten

Team Active Player Cases Staff Cases Athletics Cases As of...
Illinois --- --- --- Not reporting.
Indiana 6 --- --- Jul 17
Iowa 1+ --- --- Jul 20
Maryland 9 --- --- Jul 11
Michigan --- 1 12 Jul 24
Michigan State --- 4 16 Jul 27
Minnesota 7 --- --- Jun 30
Nebraska 5 --- --- Jun 29
Northwestern --- --- --- Not reporting.
Ohio State --- 1+ --- Jul 8
Penn State --- --- 8 Jul 29
Purdue --- --- 5 Jul 24
Rutgers 6 --- --- Jul 25
Wisconsin --- --- 7 Jul 9

Conference USA Conference USA

Team Active Player Cases Staff Cases Athletics Cases As of...
Charlotte --- --- 5 Jul 13
FAU 0 --- --- Jun 24
FIU --- --- --- ---
Louisiana Tech 1 --- --- Jul 6
Marshall 2 --- --- Jun 2
Middle Tennessee --- --- 1 Jul 17
North Texas 0 --- --- Jun 11
Old Dominion --- --- 7 Jul 20
Rice --- --- --- ---
Southern Miss --- --- --- ---
UAB --- --- --- ---
UTEP --- --- 7 Jul 10
UTSA 3 --- --- Jun 19
WKU --- 1 --- Jul 15

FBS Independents Independents

Team Active Player Cases Staff Cases Athletics Cases As of...
Army --- --- --- ---
BYU --- --- --- Not reporting.
Connecticut --- --- --- ---
Liberty --- --- --- ---
New Mexico State 6 --- --- Jul 9
Notre Dame 1 --- --- Jul 20
UMass 1 --- --- Jul 7


Team Active Player Cases Staff Cases Athletics Cases As of...
Akron --- --- --- ---
Ball State --- --- --- ---
Bowling Green --- --- --- ---
Buffalo --- 1 2 Jul 9
Central Michigan --- --- --- ---
Eastern Michigan --- --- --- ---
Kent State 2 --- --- Jul 16
Miami (OH) --- --- --- ---
Northern Illinois --- --- --- ---
Ohio --- --- 8 Jul 7
Toledo --- 1 --- Jul 22
Western Michigan --- --- --- ---

Mountain West Mountain West

Team Active Player Cases Staff Cases Athletics Cases As of...
Air Force --- --- --- ---
Boise State --- --- 4 Jun 25
Colorado State 0 --- --- Jul 3
Fresno State --- --- --- ---
Hawai'i 0* --- --- Jul 19
Nevada --- --- --- ---
New Mexico --- --- 1 Jul 8
San Diego State --- --- --- ---
San José State --- --- --- ---
UNLV 4 --- --- Jun 26
Utah State --- --- --- Not reporting.
Wyoming 0 --- --- Jul 16

Pac-12 Pac-12

Team Active Player Cases Staff Cases Athletics Cases As of...
Arizona 3 --- --- Jul 17
Arizona State --- --- --- ---
California --- --- 3 Jul 1
Colorado --- --- 4 Jun 22
Oregon --- --- --- Not reporting.
Oregon State --- --- 1 Jun 29
Stanford --- --- 7 Jul 25
UCLA *** --- --- Jun 19
USC --- --- 3 Jul 17
Utah --- --- --- Not reporting.
Washington --- --- 3 Jul 1
Washington State --- --- --- Not reporting.


Team Active Player Cases Staff Cases Athletics Cases As of...
Alabama 8 --- --- Jun 11
Arkansas 4 --- --- Jun 23
Auburn 3 --- --- Jun 8
Florida 11 --- --- Jun 23
Georgia --- --- --- Not reporting.
Kentucky 0 --- 3 Jul 13
LSU 30 --- --- Jun 20
Mississippi State 4 --- --- Jun 12
Missouri --- --- 4 Jun 25
Ole Miss --- 1 1 Jun 4
South Carolina --- --- --- Not reporting.
Tennessee --- --- 1+ Jul 15
Texas A&M --- --- <5 Jun 18
Vanderbilt --- --- --- ---

Sun Belt Sun Belt

Team Active Player Cases Staff Cases Athletics Cases As of...
Appalachian State --- --- --- Not reporting.
Arkansas State --- --- 7 Jun 4
Coastal Carolina --- --- --- Not reporting.
Georgia Southern --- --- --- ---
Georgia State --- --- --- ---
Louisiana --- --- 3 Jun 20
South Alabama --- --- --- ---
Texas State 5 --- --- Jun 18
Troy 1+ --- --- Jun 18
ULM --- --- 1 Jun 22


Team Active Player Cases Staff Cases Athletics Cases As of...
Austin Peay 1+ --- --- Jun 29
Idaho State --- --- 7+ Jul 21
North Dakota State --- --- 13 Jul 20
Tennessee Tech 18 --- --- Jul 22
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2020.07.25 16:00 Visual_Captain_9137 NY Diploma Privilege - July 25

The DP bill will not pass in this legislative session. Senator Hoylman and Assembly Member Jo Ann Simon have tweeted that they will keep fighting for us. There will probably be another session in August.
A legislative session next month would be perfect timing because it would be right after multiple jurisdictions administer their online exams. If they are successful, then we can relax a bit. However, if they fail, we will have an incredibly strong argument against an online exam and the DP bill would pick up on a lot of momentum.
Let’s avoid the mistake of last time where we waited till the last week before applying pressure. To be ready, we have to keep calling and emailing so that we can maximize the number of supporters and keep the idea as the viable alternative. This is a marathon not a sprint. I encourage you to make it part of your daily routine to call or email a couple senators or Assembly Members every day. It takes 10-15 minutes. I personally do it while preparing my coffee for the day.
Remember that we are a very niche issue and so if you want this to be possible, you have to stay involved. You can’t rely on others to do it for you because we are a limited number of people. We were able to get 22 supporters in the Senate and 38 in the Assembly in 2 weeks. We can do this. Over the weekend we need to leave voicemails, email and fax so that the legislators can see that we are still in it!
You can leave a voicemail over the weekend
I. Contact your representative - They are the most likely to listen. The more supporters we have, the more likely we can get this to a vote.

You can find scripts and supporters on the main doc. Also, there are talking points below
Feel free to leave any scripts that you like in the comments.
II Assembly Speaker - Can put it on the agenda and direct other Assembly Members.
III. Committees
Talking Points
As always, please be polite and let us all know of any updates in the comments.
On all forms of communication, be sure to leave your name, number, graduating class year, and your NY zip code (give your future zip code if you are out of state but plan on moving here for work).
For more information about the process, statements from the legislature, contact information and what to say on a call/email go here.
submitted by Visual_Captain_9137 to LawSchool [link] [comments]

2020.07.23 17:21 TAMUDining Fall Dining Hours are Now Available!

The Fall 2020 Dining Hours are now available! Click here to check them out:
Here are a few key notes:
- Firstly, the easiest way to get the most up-to-date hours is by downloading our Dine On Campus app! Not only does it have our hours, it also has our menus, limited time offers, a feedback option, and more. Definitely check it out!
- Locations Open August 8:- MSC: Rev's & Panda Express- Hullabaloo: Starbucks & Aggie Express- Underground: Chick-fil-A- Starbucks Quad- Commons: Aggie Express- Creekside: Market & Deli- Smoothie King @ the Rec
- Sbisa & The Commons Dining Halls will reopen Sunday, August 9!
- The new MSC Concepts will open August 12!- Chick-fil-A- Spin 'N Stone Pizza- Jason's Deli- Cabo Grill- Pom & Honey Mediterranean
- Dining Halls will close starting Thanksgiving Day for the remainder of the semester. Northside and Southside Markets will both be open with To-Go Meals where students can utilize their Meal Swipes.
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Our Shirley Valentine Summer  Aggie MacKenzie Tries Out Tinder  ITV The Aggie Ring Dating In College **Award Winning** CGI Animated Short Film: 'Devils, Angels ... My cancer fighting diet + Q&A with boyfriend Stop Dating Emotionally Unavailable Men  South African Youtuber Auggie Smith on Parenting LIVE in Covina Girls Drake Bell Has Dated! Aggie gets head shaved ( Still 9 Dollars ) ParaNorman (10/10) Movie CLIP - You're Gonna Love My ...

Facebook breaks into saturated online dating ... - The Aggie

  1. Our Shirley Valentine Summer Aggie MacKenzie Tries Out Tinder ITV
  2. The Aggie Ring
  3. Dating In College
  4. **Award Winning** CGI Animated Short Film: 'Devils, Angels ...
  5. My cancer fighting diet + Q&A with boyfriend
  6. Stop Dating Emotionally Unavailable Men South African Youtuber
  7. Auggie Smith on Parenting LIVE in Covina
  8. Girls Drake Bell Has Dated!
  9. Aggie gets head shaved ( Still 9 Dollars )
  10. ParaNorman (10/10) Movie CLIP - You're Gonna Love My ...

In the third episode of Our Shirley Valentine Summer the search for love continues; Lizzie Cundy is invited on a second date with neighbour Yannis and Aggie signs up to a dating app to spread the ... Dating Over 40. Joe DeVito - Duration: 5:00. Dry Bar Comedy 216,442 views. 5:00. Funniest Live TV News Interviews Gone Wrong - Duration: 13:13. Funny Local News Recommended for you. A time-lapse video of the Aggie Ring sculpture located at the Association of Former Student building on the Texas A&M University campus. 💈 성우이용원 Haircut and Hair Styling in South Korea's Oldest Barbershop Seongu Barber Shop Seoul - Duration: 34:37. HairCut Harry Recommended for you Drake Bell Hookups and Love Affairs! Drake Bell Dating Timeline! Drake Bell 2017! Drake Bell Dated Who? Drake Bell New Girlfriend! Track : Vanze - Forever (feat. Brenton Mattheus) [NCS Release ... NEXT FILM - Website - Studio - Director - AWARD ... 'The Five' claim executive order was a win for Trump, loss for Dems - Duration: 8:58. Fox News 608,800 views. New ParaNorman movie clips: BUY THE MOVIE: Don't miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: CLIP DESCRIPTION: C... Also, me and cam answer a viewer question about interracial dating and hate. My friend Aggie surprised me with a donations website she created to financially help me on my journey. Dating in college isn't always what it seems. Student's Perspective asked fellow Aggies about what they thought about the dating scene in cstat! - - This video was sponsored by VeCho. Download the ...